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Michael Jackson Income, Houses,Cars, Luxurious Lifestyle and Net Worth
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  1. Chevan Apeksha Gunasekara says

    He is the king of pop

  2. Chevan Apeksha Gunasekara says

    My favourite singer is Michael Jackson. I really miss him

  3. John E Allen says

    What’s wrong with weirdo not having sex which is own race. Even his own children don’t look right being all white!

  4. Santino Paltao says

    Even tho he's dead ??? I really miss him

  5. Mrs. Teona Fuller says

    Keep it simple y slowly billed? Business y cheerleading y massage therapy.

  6. Mrs. Teona Fuller says

    Do they realize if not older than 91 i didn't forget bout them.mj family.

  7. Argie dan says

    Where are his cars in the video?

  8. Julian Profitt says

    Doesn't he has brown eyes

  9. ******** says

    "Wacko Jacko" is a Racist nickname that's why MJ hated it when Media started to call him that

  10. Jamal Nasser says

    Hi Michael Jackson

  11. Amit payal Amit payal says


  12. Miski Saban says

    Maasha.allaah tabaaraka

  13. Lorenza Sammartinaro says


  14. Dannis Soza garcia says

    Xreso todo mundo le tenía envidia xq esa si es vida de la buena selo meresia para eso trabaja demasiado mi idolo

  15. Roderick Palac says

    The looks like "Julia Roberts"

  16. 626 says

    Die. Heimat seiner. Kinder…..
    Alle haben so viel Geld und niemand kümmert sich um. Michaels.hart verdiente
    Neverland. Ranch…..

  17. Sultan Said says

    Good of the good

  18. Michael Jackson says

    Song ?

  19. Guadalupe Vela says

    I love Mj even though its 2020

  20. moeez Zahid says

    Don't call him wacko jacko he will slay you his name was applehead

  21. Jon C.M says

    These day's he enjoys Kicking it in his bronze casket.

  22. David Adeyemi says

    His nickname was king of pop

  23. Janine Joubert says

    And his eyes are dark brown!!!!!

  24. Janine Joubert says

    His real nickname is Applehead???

  25. RobloxEntertainer says

    I hate they way his father treated him.

    Do you guys agree?

    Let me know if you hated the way his father treated or you didn't hate the way his father treated him.

  26. Mohanad Abdulrazik says

    Wacko jacko was never Michael Jackson's nick name…his haters were saying this to him

  27. Violeta Tello says

    Cuanta tristesa aún me causa su pardia tan joven bueno como nadi dejo muchos niños en orfandad porque el los alimentaba los curaba un HOMBRE ÍNTEGRO UN CABALLERO Y COMO NINGUNO te quiero MICHAEL JACKSON DIOSITO TE TIENE EN SU PARAÍSO TE EXTRAÑO BESITOS AL CIELO??????????????❤❤❤❤?????

  28. Ll Ññ says

    his height 175 and his Nickname isn't wacko Jacko

  29. iona reburiano says

    His nickname is not wacko jacko!!! He died cus of cardiac arrest not poisoning!!

  30. prosenjit das says

    Dady very beautiful like his heart I love you to ?????????????????????? I miss you

  31. Norma Vasquez says

    I love you Michael Jackson Jeremy Henry

  32. Norma Vasquez says

    I'm sorry

  33. Norma Vasquez says

    You don't listen to you

  34. Norma Vasquez says

    , you really want me to say I'm sorry okay you got to do you have to do for me to get that Pieology the stop doing you have to do stop it stop the krona. Everything everything or else no sorry no nothing I still love you and I still will PS Michael Jackson

  35. Norma Vasquez says

    If you want an apology learn to stop

  36. Norma Vasquez says

    Superstar or not you're not that cute

  37. Norma Vasquez says

    100 hundred please don't make me say it again

  38. Norma Vasquez says

    Stop please

  39. Nilchan Ali says

    MJ is Still Earning…….

  40. EL FARUOQ says


  41. Asia Vidoez says

    Still (2020) he is the legend of pop ♥️

  42. jay07 says


  43. Satnam Rajput says

    i love pop micheal jackson

  44. kerry joseph says

    Always remember you king of pop

  45. ifteakhar rayhan says

    I miss mj

  46. Mohammad Hidayat says

    Best moment for you sir in the city.

  47. prativa Das says

    World best dancer in the world

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