MINIMALIST MORNING ROUTINE | Healthy Habits + Slow Living


My minimalist morning routine helps me incorporate simplicity and self-care into my daily life. Today, I’m sharing the healthy habits I like to regularly incorporate into my mornings to start off the day from a good place physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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  1. Ashlynne Eaton says

    What does your morning routine look like? ?

  2. Daniely Mercedes says

    If your hair is frizzy you're CURLY/WAVY hair, search info♡♡♡♡

  3. Daniely Mercedes says

    Are you christian?

  4. Daniely Mercedes says

    Are you cristhian?

  5. patricia henry says

    Also shocked about the showering only every second or third day. Not the first time I've heard this though. Julia Havens, also a youtuber often says how she doesnt shower everyday if shes not training. ?

  6. itsomethingreat says

    In two hours she: wakes up, stretches, does weight exercises, makes the bed, showers and do make up, reads two books, meditates, works on her puzzle, has breakfast, washes the dishes and tides the house, checks the to do list and waters the plants.
    Unless she reads the two books for 10 minutes and stretches and exercises for another 10, the maths do not work.

  7. Midori Eaton says

    Ayeeee same last name cheeeck

  8. Nadia Oliveira says

    Every three days you go to a shower? No way! I do it twice per day!

  9. Fiorella Quiroz balbuena says

    she doesn't shower everyday?!

  10. isabella barrientos says

    Alguien que hable español??

    Aiuda no entiendo los coments

  11. isabella barrientos says

    Ok my rutine is to stay in my bed all morning and then wake up just to go to the bathroom
    And then eat anything that is in my kirchen ok bye

    Edit: this girl have a lot of healthy abits ok no hablo ingles adios

  12. Iva Dobešová says

    The puzzle idea is brilliant. I need to try that too 🙂

  13. sarah priest says

    Love this!! Looks perfect. What was the brand name for the coffee can I ask? Thank you x

  14. Ayeza says

    lets be honest this routine is for someone who has nothing on their to-do list like no school work, assignments, work or an anime to watch ?

  15. Yvonne Flores says

    So you’re telling me that she didn’t have to pee the second she woke up

  16. Jenna Manson says

    Where are your bedsheets from? I love them ?

  17. Winston Fletcher says

    Tour so productive <3

  18. Guild Wars says

    sis reads the bible HAHAHAHHAHA

  19. Creative Mind's says

    My morning routine is just wake up at 10:40do my brush drink water and then online class for the rest of the day

  20. Girlie -Macie says

    Btw there is no way this woman is this perfect!

  21. Girlie -Macie says

    Am I the only one who enjoys taking a kinda cold shower…
    Yup it’s official I’m weird

  22. Africankween 111 says

    Showers every 3 days u must b joking?

  23. James Hizon says


  24. Oopsie X says

    It’s takes me forever to read a book and it takes this lady like half a day….

  25. Dayana Lomas says

    Dios mío no come casi nada ??? con razón está flakita

  26. Susi Valencia says

    Not gonna lie that iced coffee in the thumbnail realed me in

  27. 소소한어제sosohanOje says

    It is not easy to try to live a minimalist life. I received a lot of good inspiration, and I liked the good video.?

  28. Stephanie says

    I loved this! I've been incorporating morning exercise, reading, and meditation into my routine and was surprised that yours was so similar. It really makes me more alert, productive, and excited for the day compared to the days that I don't do it.

  29. chloe olio says

    Imagine not showering 2-3 times a DAY

  30. aida zina says

    This shit take my whole day ?

  31. Mary says

    My morning routine:
    Wake up at 5
    grumble on about how the universe hates me
    try not to sleep the rest of the day
    the world wide web
    looks at time to see it magically turn 8
    eat dinner

  32. Sara Saif says

    My morning routine : wake up at noon.

  33. Camilo Dugo says

    This looks so fake lmao

  34. Alessa says

    What are the plants in her room called? I'm particularly asking about the one in the clear pitcher on her nightstand. I'm loving it so much!!

  35. Noemie TV says

    Daily showers are just as important as brushing your teeth daily. ?

  36. Jennifer Rangel says

    Wait. Hold the phone. Idk if I heard right but did she say she showers every other day up to 3 days or wash her hair? Cuz sis how you go that long without taking a shower? Like what about when you have your monthly or when you’re with a guy? In the summer I will take about 3 showers but on a regular basis I take 2 showers every single day no matter what. Wow

  37. ID-Life Diary says

    So beautiful and smart!!!?☺

  38. 〆غزّول says

    lmao i have no morning routine it’s literally 9:10am right now and i’m still awake ?

  39. Sadece Ece says

    i will try this coffee. I usually drink Turkish coffee

  40. Akkarena Game says

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