Mirror Your Computer to Your TV With Chromecast


The Google Chromecast allows you to mirror almost whatever you see on your computer to be put on the TV. This works great if there is a website that is not Chromecast-enabled.

To do this you will need:
1. Mac, PC or Chrome OS
2. Google Chrome installed and Updated
3. Use the Cast option in the menu to cast Tab or Desktop

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  1. Tech With Brett says

    Your experience May differ depending on WiFi connection and speed. Let me know if you have any questions below!

  2. xyzz efg says

    Thank you!! Big help! ❤️

  3. ColdScot says

    When I press cast desktop nothing changes, and I still have the browser.

  4. K K says

    do i need my computer connected to network via WI-FI or ethernet cable also? (same network).

  5. Evan Kim says


  6. Geo Crema says

    Thank you, but how do I make my presentation song work in the Chrome Cast, please?

  7. George Sadusk says

    This is actually a really good job of a help video.

  8. mike smith says

    I really hate it when people do this crap.
    The big question was where the hell do you have the chromecast attached to?
    Is it the tv or is it the laptop?
    You don't even show the important stuff. All you did was blah, blah, blah.

  9. Anshul Girdar says

    Sir please help me source not support

  10. ndspeedster says

    the chromecast doesn't show up in cast… only other people's firesticks and so forth..

  11. The Wakis says

    It says the source is not able to connect or something like that what do I do?

  12. Joseph Azzara says

    This was helpful but I have only been able to cast from You Tube, when I try to select "Cast from Desktop" or "Cast from Tab" , it shows as "Source not Supported"…any suggestions to resolve this?

  13. milan mendivil says

    can i extend displays with this? like if I just wanted to use it as a second monitor?

  14. jacob thaddeus says

    Thanks man I my dad bought it for me so I can use this for online class

  15. miss.melly.32 says

    That was super helpful. Exactly what I wanted to know, thank you!

  16. Erin Riebel says

    It recognizes when I cast a tab, but not a desktop. Any idea why? Chrome is up to date. Canary also does not work.

  17. Ruxandra Dimitriu says

    It doesnt work for me… It says there is no device… And my chromcast it is connected in my PC

  18. Latif Kocak says

    Would this work perfectly to watch films on the TV?

  19. ThatBoyDobie says

    How do i cast my screen to the tv without messing up the audio in my headphones

  20. Ghost says

    This is obvious stuff, i was actually looking for something useful if its not working

  21. Mohammad Ahsan says

    thanks took me a minute to figure out awesome brett

  22. Bob B says

    I would like to cast to the TV but also have the video play on my laptop

  23. WillieBaw says

    Thanks Brett

  24. Fabeel CravateNoire says

    Can we Switch Off the Casting Device Screen while operating from Mouse/KB ?

    ALSO : Does connecting BT Mouse/KB along with Home WiFi (n WiFi Direct) cause any sort of connection Drops?

    Thank You

  25. The Mighty King Production says

    thank you. it helps a lot.

  26. Mick Carson says

    Is it a Smart TV, or just an ordinary 1080 TV? Do you mean you have to have a computer on to watch contents on a TV? If so, that's twice the power bill. Better just watch TV. Cheaper.

  27. Its Arcade says

    God damn the latency is high but its still pretty cool

  28. Nhoc says

    that delay… OOF

  29. Betim Kelmendi says

    Cant believe how easy it is! i tryed so different ways ! Thanks a lot Brett !

  30. Anoshiravan Bonyadi says

    Hi my frend
    If you help mi , so i kal you Superman
    beacas my problem is very very big problem
    My chromcast vas good and normal ,, but agter 8 Mont kom problem to my chromcast
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  31. Mohsin Fareed says

    Great well explained and clear. Thanks .

  32. Zakariyah Akbar says

    hi i have a question. this is totally not related to your video, but you seem smart enough to answer my question. do you know how to connect a acer laptop to a mac desktop wirelessly? thanks.

  33. Manny Hanndy says

    dude when i put cast desktop and thats what i want it says not source not supported i have roku please help me

  34. Dana ONeil says

    My Chromecast partial works. I want to watch a video in emails and my TV won't go to the next screen.

  35. Fern says

    There's no three dots in the Google chrome screen which is the first step. So none of the other steps work. Please help

  36. TanuKart says

    Would it work on a desktop PC connected to router using LAN cable?

    The TV, however, connected using WIFI to the router.

  37. Dana ONeil says

    Cast tab error message says source not support

  38. youtub er says

    Will video/audio only work stuff played on browser or can i play movies i have saved to my drive already?

  39. Greg Pope says

    Brilliant video just what i needed before i bought the device, will order today and follow your guide

  40. Alina Craciun says

    Thank you 🙂

  41. jericho tm says

    Thanks! Finally! I'm casting all my desktop now! The mouse cursor and the keyboard typing is a bit laggy, but the video and the sound are not!
    Bottom line is a fine piece of equipment!

  42. Hazlina Hussein says

    incredibly helpful! Thank you!

  43. LeneLooPix says

    Thank you! Works first time, 3 years later! I got the audio once I signed into Google!

  44. Ale Ramirez says

    Why does mine says source not supported and when I do it in YouTube it does work?

  45. Dr.ABDUS SALAM says

    when i click on cast option, it comes "no device found " although i am trying to connect it with my lg smart tv

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