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  1. Khadar Adan says

    WE just need to import these badass Machines to starving African Nations and world hunger would be cured.

  2. muhammad amil says
  3. R Eastwood says

    If your interested in learning more about the advances agriculture tech check out EcoSolv and EcoAgra here

  4. Sudham Kachare says

    Awesome this is ultimate working ?????? no limit ultimate power ?

  5. Dadang Mulyana says

    We use kerbau here

  6. Kiana Liu says

    Long admiration

    May I know which language do you usually encounter?

    May I get in touch with your professional language or Technical department?

  7. Kiana Liu says


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  8. Agri kissan pakistan says

    Very nice dear sr

  9. تربية الماعز الحلوب في الجزائر says

    ??This is amazing? …. I hope that America will excel in raising goats??????????I hope that you subscribe to my channel to spread interest throughout America?

  10. #Patanjali, #Acupressure, #HealthTips, #Yoga, says
  11. Crea tive says

    agriculture technology ini merupakan halaman yang membantu memberikan informasi tentang teknologi pertanian. membagikan tentang berbagai komoditas pertanian. halaman ini semoga dapat memberikan manfaat dan mendorong pemanfaatan sosial media untuk pertanian

  12. Kamalpreet Singh says

    Future of humanity is bright , society is moving forward day by day but we should live friendly with nature……

  13. Chandika Jayashan says

    Thanks for video. I think Link between modern technology and farming activities name as smart agriculture. This may help to minimize the labor-shortage issues, climate change issues, etc. Also better to practice responsible manner(without environmental impacts). If you are intrested read this article:

  14. KabaM Fatu says

    Can we have the names of these machines

  15. Agri. Kranti says

    Nice sir

  16. Traktör ve Tarım Videoları says

    2 dakikanızı ayırıp kanalıma göz atarsanız sevinirm

  17. *Rahul* *Rajput* says

    #agriculturersrajput best online agriculture exam videos

  18. Prince Tyagi says

    Who's from India(・o・) there's nothing like that in India ????

  19. spirit says

    The peacock is pretty advanced with the model A on steam.

  20. Shiza's cooking and info world says

    How much price of this machine?

  21. Bd Rulx says

    Usa is super power for a reason


    It's v nice to see 360℃ agriculture.

  23. Chispita1952 Chipi says

    Wow 😀

  24. Chispita1952 Chipi says


  25. MEER AHMAD says


  26. BS Rankings says

    thanks planetapes for small farmer!


    Farmers no need to worry if you have a Unoin…..Alhamduallah Inshallah…….

  28. खेती बाड़ी एवं तकनीक says

    hello all friends hou are you ,,please visit this channel and anjoy indian farming and farmer technology please welcome my channelखेतीबाड़ीएवंतकनीक

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