Money and Mental Health


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shot & edited by Eric Lombart

produced by Amber Grace

grip – Melissa Gasca, John Lee

sound – John Lee

gfx by Bethany Radloff

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  1. Mr. Burgundy says

    This is a good one. The shells Fargo and she sells seashells at the shore part was really creative.

  2. pilsbury says

    just graduated thank u anna ?

  3. Christian Bunke says

    I was forced to learn to balance a budget pretty quickly, can't spend what you don't have.

  4. ILL MIND says

    Live on less then you make ! say no to your self ,save and invest. You will be good!

  5. Sonny Brisbane says

    The 2020 most important financial education point: All fiat currencies go to zero value 100% of the time – Historical fact. Buy gold, silver and BTC and wait for the reset.

  6. Aria Glamour says

    We NEED a haircare routine. Period.

  7. A long time ago we made it to paradise. says

    I almost instantly learned that money does not bring you happiness. I mean, it's relieving to some stressful events but to bring happiness? The one thing I know that can bring us happiness is family. A happy family promotes a happy life.

  8. Ayberch says


  9. mekman4 says

    Thank you Anna!

  10. Marcus Conn says

    It must be really nice that the Universe is helping monetize your spiritual and personal growth. Congrats! Bye BITCOIN if you want to have a retirement.

  11. Zula Bayarkhuu says

    She is so underrated damn.

  12. Isabella Hightower says

    Anna Akanna-
    Teaching us what high school should have since 2012

  13. jasmine Baar says

    She sells sea shells on the seashore.

  14. Ionescu Popa says

    For me, financial educaion could only make the difference between dying in august or september.

  15. Ruru G Vlogs says

    Sad that it's not available in my country

  16. angelo lopez says

    I wish i would have know what i know now, back when i was 18

    Nobody tells you that. They just say, go to school and have a career

  17. Tom Pinske says

    i guess. but they say the person with the least is the richest:)when we switch to a resource based economy all that goes out the window:)

  18. Logan Kelly says

    all of the financial education in the world is not going to make up for the fact that wages have been stagnant since the 1970s…..

  19. Scooter Lee says

    Investing in stonks is like buying a compact disc. Crypto… dyor!

  20. Shawn McDowell says

    Little tip for those of you getting eaten alive by multiple debt accounts:

    Pay off the debt with the highest interest first, NOT the one that you just have the most of.

    Paying more in interest over time means will you have more debt for a longer period. If you pay off the highest interest debt first you will get out of debt sooner and have less of it over the long run.

  21. Nicola says

    Bad with money is a good podcast to listen to!

  22. Jonathan Mahadeo says

    My Bank Gave me a Fortune for my Well

    Wonder when that started?

  23. krby 666 says

    Yo u have money wtf is u talkin about!!

  24. Olga Nikonova says

    Plugging in The Financial Gym which is a women led company from NYC that brings financial planning and consulting to people in any financial situation.
    I went to their free talk, where they gave out at lot of simple advice on how to start getting your finances in order, and their paid consulting services seem to be pretty affordable (though I haven't personally tried it). Even their website has a ton of useful info.

  25. Felicia Vale says

    This is great that you're bringing attention to this subject.

  26. PapillonBleuNoir says

    Does anyone have any honest reviews on this sofi app thing

  27. Jaymee.Z says

    Is there an app equivalent to this in Australia?

  28. David Luna says

    Anna is adorable and woke best combo

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