Morena Baccarin Breaks Down Her Career: Deadpool, Homeland, The Twilight Zone | Entertainment Weekly


Morena Baccarin stops by Couch Surfing to discuss some of her most beloved roles in projects like ‘Homeland,’ ‘Gotham,’ ‘Deadpool,’ and more, and talks about her role in the newest season of the ‘The Twilight Zone’ reboot!
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Morena Baccarin Breaks Down Her Career: Deadpool, Homeland, The Twilight Zone | Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Robert Lust says

    Bill tell zuckerberg I missed a class or two. Or 98 can I get a ciri on that syllabus

  2. Robert Lust says

    Girl did someone skeet on you iopods? #firefly marvel cameos all day. Lee anarookies

  3. Robert Lust says

    Will Ferrell Kodak when nude modeling on snl

  4. Robert Lust says

    I make storm sirens and Amber alerts without wind

  5. Robert Lust says

    Mic checks and balances

  6. Manu Martín says

    Qué guapa es esta mujer!! Y qué nombre tan bonito tiene, Morena 🙂

  7. Hassan Ahmed says


  8. Emrah Öz says

    I think she’s also in Lenny Kravitz – Again video for like one second

  9. Ecom Tomcat says

    You totally missed her role as Adria in "Stargate the Ark of Truth" with Amanda Tapping, Chris Judge, Micheal Shanks, Claudia Black and Ben Browder! She looked damn fine in her red dress!

  10. Donald Trump says

    So cringy when the host points the remote at the camera

  11. Qinby 1 says

    Apart from the APPARENT… she is hot…
    I think Firefly phenomena was a bit "contrarian", it was/is "the network cancelled it" and it was the right time for a crowd funding…
    In this case it worked.
    Unfortunately the Sci-Fi scene is small.
    All good shows gets cancelled… very few (NO?) show gets resurected by "fan pressure/crowd funding" would say only one I know of/remember is The Expanse…
    And there we need another 3-5 seasons to wrap that up.
    Still hurt from SGU really would have wanted that to continue.. 2-3 seasons
    Same goes for NETFLIX "Black Spot" and Travellers… some have "concluded in their story line" and really then you should not press on …
    SGU, Black Spot, Travellers… STILL ended in "the middle of the story"
    I do take for Granted the Expanse will continue until the story is told… (as of the books)

  12. Makayla 5311 says

    What show r they talking about at the beginning?

  13. Donald Dean says

    No mention of SG-1

  14. SUPERCORP Sunday says

    You people forgot about v she's was so hot and a badass in that show.

  15. UrbanExplorer1000 says

    cant stand her terrible actress

  16. brian myers says

    Amazing actor and beauty

  17. PDC Construction says

    I discovered Morena in V and became a huge admirer of her beauty and talent.

  18. Ana Cheah says

    The Mentalist?

  19. THE AlienHunter says

    She will always be inara to be!

  20. Robert Dennys says

    what, no Stargate? V? Mentalist was a great recurring role.

  21. Din says

    She usually plays annoying characters I had no idea she was this cool irl.

  22. LordAzimar says

    Stargate SG-1 was the best

  23. amir riddle says

    Always loved everything she has been in/ also loved her in V

  24. Wayne says

    firefly was the best

  25. J Em says

    Such a babe

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