Mouthwatering Recipes For Junk Food Lovers


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  1. Pastel Alice says

    JUnk food is awesome

  2. mariam borhani says

    Can we apritiate how they are not faking anything

    Edit: Excuse my spelling

  3. Zhiyn Ahmed says

    im not a junk food lover but i made the bannana popsicle with wipped cream and it was good

  4. Summer Kazmierczak says

    I'm watching this cause tonight I'm watching scary videos and eating as unhealthy as physically possible

  5. arya khalil says

    i thought it said jungkook at first lol

  6. Mia Brown says


  7. Kayleigh Stricklan says

    ohmygod the calories in all of these made me gain 10 pounds

  8. Billie Rosewood says


  9. Lemonade Art says

    Pigs in a blanket? More like Karens in a blanket.

  10. Nahal Sakhaei says

    Who else is watching this because they’re bored?!

  11. Kk R says

    Well my diet plans have just been ruined…

  12. CobraEatz says

    Legit had my mouth watering

  13. eden_buks says

    that is NOT what pigs in blankets are wtf

  14. Everything but the Girl Fan 76 says

    I tried all of these, whoops I have diabetes

  15. Tigger and Jasi says

    I love junk food but my waist doesn't ?

  16. Anusha Nadeem says

    T A S T Y ❄ ?

  17. Tonbori-chan ツ says

    This video is calling me fat in different ways

  18. hEy _ hI says

    When M'n'Ms doesn't sponser you:

    cHoCoLaTe CaNdIeS

  19. hEy _ hI says

    What did we learn today childrens?

    Fry anything and BAMM instant junk food

  20. HF - 06vL - Homelands Sr PS (1323) says

    o – o

  21. Litten Girl says

    Everyone is saying that bananas cant taste like/be junk food and honestly I wholeheartedly disagree. Have you all ever HAD a banana dipped in chocolate?

  22. Max Peck says

    yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum ive never tryd them but they LOOK SOOO GOOD

  23. Yay Donut says

    For real junk food lovers i have a recipe for you

    Butter and sugar

  24. Jumoke Adedeji says


  25. stinks or stonks says

    2:06 this one is great if you wanna play roulette with the pizza pockets and see who gets the mouthful of disgusting

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