NASCAR RACE HUB'S Radioactive | Hard hits and Hamlin crowned the King of Kansas


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  1. Kyle Jacobs says

    3:15 Me when i get wrecked in multiplayer for nascar heat 4

  2. Greg Adams says

    Empty stands. Nascar better get use to them.

  3. Nick Villalobos says

    Dillion was totally cleared of Logano, and turned down on the 48… Go figure, its just considered bad luck for Jimmie, and not intentional by Dillion… the bubble drivers have consistently killed the 48 these last few weeks.

  4. Ben Myatt says

    Austin Dillon got so scared in that wreck. He had plenty of room but he turned it straight left on Jimmie to miss Logano but he didn’t need to. Jimmie can’t catch a break.

  5. Glacier Frost says

    Bruh Nascar stop Spoiling the Race winner at ur Title or subtitle

  6. RacingPower19 says

    Wait, Chris is still in the #37?

  7. Lexy Thomas says

    1:38 so are you ?

  8. zac warmkessel says

    I have a fire in the cockpit just do a normal pit stop like fire that crew chief

  9. tedgey says

    Is there really any need to run the rest of the races this year?

  10. Emmanuel says

    TRUMP 2020! ?? Sleepy Joe and the do nothing democrats will not even stand up to the violence, destruction, and murder in their own communities! FACTS.

  11. Nascar Drawings says

    Someone forgot what car Chris Buescher drives lmaooo

  12. TaurusReborn says

    Stenhouse: I got a fire in the car!
    Crew Chief: 4 tires and fuel maybe a wedge adjustment

  13. Dan Shetler says

    I cringe every time nascar shows a driver in a mask except bubba im sick of his face

  14. Jessica Poirier says

    its bad jimey jonen tested for indey raceing

  15. Hog Dog says

    Bubba Smollett is my hero!

  16. XenonStriker002 says

    Epic radioactive as always! ?

  17. #98 Doge Coin Car says

    Im jimmie jihnson BOOM ive wrecked

  18. Nascar Lover gurl says

    Goooo king?

  19. Chris McDonald says

    Karma a bitch ain’t it Bubba??!!!

  20. Richard D Timpson says

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  21. Subscribe 4 no Good Reason says

    Go Kevin Harvick

  22. ZackGamesYT says

    They saw the 37 almost went over, probably what the red was for.

  23. brandon jodrey says

    A lot Of Wrecks At Kansas

  24. Gregory Sims says

    Did bubbadega wreck another one of Richards cars ?

  25. Jake Spriggs says

    Bubba Wallace sucks.

  26. Miku no Kazoo says

    never thought i’d ever see DH carry gibbs

  27. Brendan Kelby says


  28. Jon P says

    They should reinstate the 2013 rules, you get 3 swears on the radio per race, after that the fines were $500 each per team per word. One time Dick Trickle won the race, and had to forfeit 80% of his purse for his radio chatter. He appealed, but lost.

  29. NSHER says

    Almirola needs to win this season

  30. Andrea Davis says

    1:14 "NO! I've got a **FIRE** in the cockpit!" unreal

  31. Charlie Caricofe says

    Tired of watching Hamlin and harvick win so much

  32. Cooper Mayo says

    3:06 trouble for Chris Buescher lol they meant to say preece.

  33. NASCARfan 5670 says

    Can we try to stop Denny from winning for like, 3 weeks?

  34. Brandon Dollar says

    It's always a mistake to take 2 tires, why do crew chiefs keep doing it?

  35. Jason H. says

    Arrests Steve Phelps! Faking a hate crime is a federal offense.

  36. King gtr The legend says

    Give this a like for Jimmie Johnson to win at least one race

  37. Home DES_Singh says

    And I got a fire in the cockpit.
    Do a normal pit stop-

  38. Nascar Sam says

    Isn’t this what people complained about in 2018? The same drivers winning over and over again, which made Nascar switch to the 550 hhp package. It obviously hasn’t worked to much.

  39. Andrew Beaudoin says

    The Real King is Richard Petty. Time for Denny's Passing Away, whether you manipulated fans like it or not. NASCAR'S Evil Doom Squad will finally pass away, and this Sports will be good as new! Look on the Bright Side, your #11 won't win; he can spend the Afterlife in a Nice Prison Cell. And #48 will win as he's the G.O.A.T that can still do the best!

  40. Vohn Presley says

    160th like

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