NBA's Best Plays | Week 20 | 2019-20 NBA Season


Check out THE BEST PLAYS from around the league in Week 20!

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  1. Peter Barry says

    into the unknown frozen 2

  2. joseph mamaril says

    Nice Highlight

  3. Gaurav Rao says

    din't russ travel?

  4. anna Lennette says


  5. A J says

    Warriors ??

  6. Hatsumi ́ says

    I'm just a weeb who wants to see kuroko's basketball in real life.

  7. Pubg Neyso says

    westbrook travell no counted … 8:30 swc

  8. Philippine GAMER says

    Stephen curry impress this young boy from china who has one handed dribbling skilss

  9. Tengku Amirul Aiman says

    Where tf is kagami ?

  10. chuan bob says

    afica american nba

  11. Goat Seamen says

    I love these highlight

  12. Dark says

    They didn’t call Westbrook’s travel? He clearly took 3 steps, you can rewatch it and count.

  13. karmen ho says

    wrestbrook sucks

  14. Charles Taylor says

    I miss Basketball

  15. Lazysyncz- YT says

    So we not gon talk about how westbrook traveled

  16. Gon Rizo Paje-Salvaleon says


  17. Stefan De Vos says

    at 8:22 that's a travel by westbrook no?

  18. Gabriela Schoenfeld says

    Check this young dunker out he’s new to youtube and is killing the game

  19. Hij EB says
  20. Hij EB says
  21. Quanah Benz says

    Anyone watching this in quarantine

  22. HaysWright5 says

    1:10 look at curry man so inspirational

  23. Olivia 12 says

    I don't know anything about basketball

  24. KNOWLEDGE TV says
  25. Rachael Njango says

    Thanks. You

  26. Kenneth James says

    Zion be like: LOOK MOM, I CAN FLY

  27. dustin brown says

    ja morant is going to be somethin special in the coming years,maybe even better than zion.

  28. Maxwell Blake Levin says

    I played basketball doing this

  29. Gauge Rhodes says

    Zion though

  30. E.Z.E.E Mathematics says
  31. ISO says


  32. Liam McCormack says

    9:36 That is officially the weirdest shot I have ever seen

  33. Nobutero taniguchi says

    lakers is the best

  34. Leslie Chrisco 11 says

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