NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 16th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


San Francisco residents ordered to stay home in effort to slow spread of coronavirus, President Trump releases new coronavirus guidelines for Americans to follow, and frustration at lack of testing, slow results continues.

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1:42 7 Million Told To Shelter-in-place In San Francisco Area
2:31 White House: Avoid Gatherings Of 10 Or More People
3:03 Several States Close Restaurants, Bars, Gyms & Theaters
3:50 New Screening Cause Chaos At Several U.S.Airports
4:11 Coronavirus Upends Life All Across America
5:12 White House Unveils New Guidelines To Slow Spread
6:47 Trump Warns Outbreak Could Last Until july, August
7:12 New Drive-through Testing Sites As Frustration Grows
10:08 Devastating Impact On Both Big & Small Businesses
12:07 Dow Plunges Nearly 3,000 Points In Worst Single-day Drop
12:31 Trump Warns U.S. ‘May Be’ Headed For Recession
13:21 European Countries On Lockdown, Sealing Borders
15:17 Grocery Stores Tell Shoppers No Need To Panic Buy
16:54 30 Million Children Impacted By U.S. School Closings
18:36 Why Social Distancing Is So Important For Everyone

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 16th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. prome teo says

    … thanks Lester for not criticizing P. Trump…for a while…

  2. TheFuzzyPenguin says

    It's horrible that the tests take so long to get a result. I read today that this woman was very ill, she went to the hospital a few days ago, she said they tested her for this virus, and then she was released to go home and wait for the test results. That isn't safe if she's got this virus. That puts others at risk if she's got the Corona virus and the hospital let her go back out into the public. WTH?!?

  3. Beard zila's ? says

    Stop voting stop the Disease

  4. Saladin Banks says

    Donald Chump:
    The Corona Virus is Not Under Control Anywhere in The World.
    Also Donald Chump: I Want You Sheeple Back to Work and Filling Up Churches
    by Easter.

  5. Black Berry lady says

    I would like to see A Not rent or mortgage payment till July 1st….No I am not requesting this myself our home paid off, but I feels 4 the 1's that's not working & still has rent to pay…. i am ????????that freeze on rent & utilities in Jesus name, please Jesus Amen!!!!??????????????????

  6. Bhagwandin Patiram says


  7. Barbara Witchey says


  8. Lil Suga says

    your news is cheesy

  9. Raniyah Rhett says

    This is sickening people are taking to much food and tolit paper. And they are doing reckless things stay safe people sometimes I don’t understand them I mean why would they do that

  10. Ariana Torres says

    Albert Einstein Middle School in Sacramento California!

  11. Dan S says

    Seems like you go to hospital, to get checked, then,,,, you end up dead?????? WTF?

  12. Chode Henson says

    "Tune in tomorrow for more biased coverage, same time, same fivehead."

  13. L. Torrence says

    I tell you what, if this last through the summer. This virus was without a doubt bred through a lab. We have never seen a virus survive summer to this extent. To say it made a jump from animals to humans and survived the cold and warmer season. There is no reason not to think this unusual virus didnt come from a Chinese or American lab.

  14. Noel Nunez says

    Thank you drivers

  15. Bryan Galisanao says


  16. KFM Marius Kartmann says

    Virus made in UK, after sale in China, etc ????

  17. Kelly Gillies says

    NWO programming. They are laughing at us. Liars!

  18. Fish Cutting says

    It's easy to make people work while you're rich and in power …

  19. SllVll0K3 says

    3:57 ?

  20. Kishoreda Songs says

    Freeze mortgage payment please

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