Nearby Sharing: FINALLY AirDrop for Android?!


This might actually end up being better than AirDrop thanks to the ubiquity of Google Chrome!

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  1. Team VRY says

    Hyped for this. There have been third party solutions in the past but would love to see one made by google.

  2. Gaming Only says

    Nearby sharing is working on every phone I've tried including my S20 5G

  3. Gaming Only says

    I use an S20 but I turned on my old phone running Android 8 and Nearby Sharing works

  4. Samuel Irias says

    They just need to remane that thing.

  5. vamshikrishna gaddamedi says

    Google must have rolled out this feature long ago. Atleast now this feature helps to get rid of some useless sharing apps like Shareit and it's stupid crap notifications. Finally ? to Google.

  6. Rob Grenzeback says

    RIP shareit & their bullsh!t indian videos.

  7. Varun says

    can we share installed APK

  8. Sean Gray says

    the reason airdrop works so well is because every single iPhone Mac and iPad has it built in and it works seamlessly. If only some android devices have it and it is fragmented most people won't know about it and won't use it. this just still won't work unless it is rolled out to everyone and works in the same way.

  9. Charles Miles says

    Will this be available for Android 8.1.0 and Android pie

  10. Tech-Hunt says

    Can I use this feature on my android pie ??

  11. KanagaDeepan N says

    I use "Files by Google" for sharing big files… Same thing, but Now there is no need to install an app for sharing…

  12. Ugonna Chima Onuoha says

    I do have it on my Android 9 smart phone

  13. Threxes says

    Make it available for windows too so I could "nearby share" files between my phone and pc.

  14. TheYoutuber says

    I don't know what air drop is, and will almost never send something to a person i dont know

  15. Andrew Hodgeson says

    What they need to focus on is getting a stable version of competition for iMessage. That’s one of the biggest reasons why people say they stick with Apple.

  16. Mehmet says

    Got it couple of seconds later after signing up for the beta

  17. Kevin Hoang says

    ios and android starting to look like one . both Os now has almost everything. the difference is not that big anymore like few year ago

  18. المحمد بن علي says

    Can I share folders? by nearby sharing ?

  19. Ordinary Asian Boii says

    Just use share it

  20. Jim Russell Friesen says

    So I won't need to get Android 11 to get this???

  21. Arun Gade says

    why call it airdrop. this what shareit and xender were doing. now its stock

  22. Dante Bradley says

    I just use "Send Anywhere". Working well for me when sharing between my iPhone and Android phones.

  23. Sangam U M says

    How fast is transfer speed ?

  24. lvstross says

    2:29 No shame when Android copies Apple. Shame, Pointing and Laughing when Apple copies Android.

  25. Kiran Kumar says

    Does anyone know how to share files cross platform without quality loss and no ads?

  26. Yash Arya says

    You forgot Linux ?

  27. David W says

    Didn't Huawei already have Huawei Share years ago? It works very well on my old nova and p9 from 2016

  28. Elijah Dela Cruz says

    Finally!! Happy to see an AirDrop feature arrive on Android (arguably better on Android, this is coming from an iPhone guy)

    But…still not switching to Android because of two very important features for me: Privacy and Software support. If Android phones can get atleast 4 years of software support and updates and NAIL down Privacy like Apple, then I’m switching, as there are alot of Awesome Android phones out there. But until then, I ain’t switching cause having that peace of mind when it comes to privacy is really a big deal for me, and iOS 14 is just going to further improve that (plus finally add in widgets and a thousand other really cool features…so umm, yeah…idk if I’ll switch at this point)

  29. KM Asifur Rahman says

    I use SHAREit. It's a cross platform app and it works perfectly

  30. Mr. P says

    Surprisingly I have got it and it works fine.

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