Nightly News Full Broadcast (April 19th)


More protests to reopen the U.S. as governors call for increased testing, Governor Cuomo says New York is on the other side of its coronavirus plateau, and European countries look to ease restrictions.

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  1. Kevin K. says

    If all of the bail-out money was split evenly amongst the population… each family of 4 would have received in excess of $9,000 each. Did you or anyone you know get anything more than next to nothing? I haven't.

  2. Law Law says

    I can't understand. Trump supporters say from one side of their mouths that Trump can't be responsible for these things occurring under his watch as president. But from the other side of their mouths blame Obama for everything that occurred in his presidency.

  3. Fred Taj says

    Hunting season is going to open early.

  4. rebel without a cause d says

    how are you affected if people go out, when your hiding under your bed collecting welfare

  5. Paul Thomas says

    Where are the disinfection injection kits when you need it.

  6. Martin Smith says

    NEVER underestimate the power of stupid people in
    mass groups ⚠️

  7. M&M GIRL says

    God bless the nurse manager & his 3 kids born in USA that are nurses that risk there lives in hospitals every day thank you we all are Americans no matter what our ancestry ??

  8. Jon Campos says

    Why isn’t Kelley wearing a mask?

  9. Wyatt Earp says

    In Canada the stimulus checks are $2000 a month for 5 months guaranteed!
    Americans are getting CHEATED!

  10. Butch R says

    "If you listen to Trump and Pence the only freedom you will get is in Heaven!

  11. henry varela says

    whats the problem? i go as i please, if you are terrified keep yourself locked up until it is over ,I am enjoying the beginning of spring. I have the peace to know this virus is not affecting me.
    You are all going to die anyway, sooner or later. what are you people afraid of? if it's your time it is your time . stop spreading fear. the pandemic I see is the fear this people are spreading.
    the sneers, and the looks you get if you are standing to close is more frightening then this so called virus.
    I talk to cashiers in the stores ,and they tell me people are rude ,antsy and are verbally assulted on a daily bases. A lady threw a pack of toilet paper at a manager after been told one per person, that is sad as hack. SO YES PLEASE STAY HOME AND DO NOT COME OUT, WE DO NOT NEED THIS FRIGHTFUL LITTLE CREATURES WALKING ABOUT.
    If you are so terrified stay home ,and hire some one who is not frighten to get you your groceries.


  12. IfU Kill says

    The good thing about American news is that they leave the comments open. Hate the BBC , no freeness of speech there.?

  13. Popthat Dookie says

    If the country is still being shutdown I’m gonna need another check ASAP.

  14. Ba Bay MSW-ADOS says


  15. apple tile says

    Will the big corporations hire strike breakers for this…….the world has gone into Turmoil.

  16. Donna Ensman says

    I am happy for closed caption for deaf and hard hearing but need interpret for deaf because they do not understand for English need ASL language and need interpret very important . Please put interpreter all the time . Everyone will happy ? thank you for help .God bless you all .

  17. Louise 99 says

    If you yanks open up petty retail and restaurants be prepared to die on mass. I'm a kiwi way down here in the south Pacific and we are here in our fourth week of compulsory lockdown. Behaving like adults and simply hardening up and dealing with the reality of this virus. Why do you yanks carry on like a pack of infants? After George w Bush, we adults out here in the real world thought that America couldn't get anymore pathetic, We were wrong. You yanks are a complete and utter laughing stock. A joke. A pack of silly little girls squealing at eachother. America.. land of the moron, home of the fuckwit.

  18. John Barney says

    I came up negative after a stay in the hospital, they put me down as suspected corona on my diagnostic discharge notes ! Now that’s suspect wouldn’t yah say !? It’s a scam and a lie ! Either that or they know their tests are crap ! I’m saddened over what I for being in hospital for a bacterial pneumonia !

  19. Lega-C says

    The music is a bit over the top

  20. Tsetan Wangchuk says

    Why don’t USA companies test their own employees every two weeks. We don’t needs doctors or nurses to this Why test has been a big deal. Let it be available too easily

  21. Tsetan Wangchuk says

    USA is being punished harshly due to it deals with more then any other countries in the world China is a evil force a CC and USA made the communist China more evil by doing business with. All countries who involved in building evil china rich are being punished for the consequences. Communist China is really an evil in the world All countries who do business with communist China in future will be punished more harshly

  22. Tsetan Wangchuk says

    All USA companies should have their own test system to test their employees every week Test should be available every where

  23. Red Mule says

    Are those masks just getting bigger and bigger. Hyping the fear of the planned demek.

  24. Ilsa Noel says

    President Trump clean USA for all corrupt . Prision to CLINTON , OBAMA , BUSH ans BILL GATE.

  25. Ilsa Noel says

    Trump Open the country that wonderfull. President Trump for 2020 . But the governors no want to open the States, this governors there work for the iluminatis.

  26. Blue Eyes Darlem says


  27. Barbara Vocals says

    Great And Inspirational Segment…?. Thank you…..??

  28. Genevieve Hansen says

    Oh God bless the siblings, I don’t watch main stream media, glad I watched this for the end

  29. Inxsy Blotto says

    Yea, MORE NBC . National Bureaucratic Communists

  30. Crusader says

    Brain dead protesters. Too stupid to see what's coming. Idiots.

  31. WAMASD says

    Divider in chief. Can't expect anything more than this disgrace in office. He really has it made. He has his minions (supporters) do his dirty work.

  32. jonathanbeh1 says

    Why only do it now? This steps had been taken by China, and lots of bad words pointing that China Take this action is inhuman. If this steps had been taken in January or February when WHO raised the concern then this pandemic wont happen at all, or at least much more controllable.

  33. Crystal M says

    What is wrong with the audio here? Makes my head feel woozy… Yuck

  34. moureen tansuwat says

    all the doctors and nurses are heros

  35. Stitch D says

    People need to look at the bright side. If enough of these stupid idiots catches covid19 then that’s less stupid people voting for trump.

  36. Omy Villarama says

    Read your Bible

  37. Kalman Olah says

    thank you /god bless you

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