Old vs New School – drag racing


Classic muscle cars vs modern muscle – drag racing ,Dodge Demon,Hellcat,Viper,Chevy Nova,Dodge Charger,Mustang GT and more

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    The classic are lucky that they didnt get to fact the Dodge Demon ?

  2. EM Nacion says

    The green mustang's Xbox 360 Controller Disconnected

  3. GamerGirl 24 says

    Dammmn dodge and mustang holy shit woooh that’s awesome


    Old school is best

  5. Fappone says

    Real title: drag tuning new vs old

  6. Sedat çimen says

    Var Bi hayalimiz ♥️????

  7. Jack Chang says

    That Nova crushed the Mustang ?

  8. Kevin Yeet says

    The green mustang has the reaction time of a potato

  9. Slickpickle says

    So what you can see here is that these new cars produce a lot of horsepower and not enough torque and/or traction. The torque seems to be very prevalent and prominent in most of the racing. Top end suffers on the old cars.

  10. Wįñđžøř _1_ says

    If the modern drivers knew what they were doing then they would most likely win

  11. Leonardo Reyes avila says

    My favorite es Mustang GT

  12. Dxnnx says

    Old School 100%

  13. 0Fancy says

    I have a question why do most old cars have insane launches and the modern cars are a bit slow?

  14. CymbalForDing says

    1971 Hemi: Ryzen 7 3700X
    Mustang GT: Pentium Dual Core E6600

  15. HereticalPuppy says

    You make it sound like most of those old school cars arent equiped with a new supercharged ls engine lmao

  16. Randy Johnson says

    Check out the Viper on the big end huh!!

  17. Funking_deppression666 says

    Them cars loud asf when you're there in person ?

  18. Belajar Budidaya says

    Great first starts

  19. imad n says

    Mustang always loses

  20. John Lisle says

    Honestly…i hate new cars ..
    And ever since 2000 america has been 'reviving' old designs, poorly..
    On top of the fact new cars weigh so much….old cars needed REAL DRIVERS not a computer that makes them 'look' good.
    My brothers mate imported a New Charger, and spent quarter mil to try beat my bros holden ute….not even close..
    Caus your comparing 1300kg to 1900kg.
    Same reason if i were given a veyron id sell it and buy a car i actually like.

  21. big papa says

    No matter what old school will always be best

  22. Zachary Pennington says

    Did I see a 9.2 and a 8.6 quarter mile in this video? Or do I not know what I'm talking about

  23. Peter Knowz says

    Why mustangs lose every race?

  24. dumaka offiaeli says

    2:17 his front wheels lifted up.

  25. Destiny Dad says

    That old green Mustang destroyed that newer mustang

  26. paulmaldonado1969 says

    Should be called classic muscle cars vs cookie cutter cars lol

  27. Gabriel says

    Green Mustang reaction tho tf that was fast asf

  28. Isaac ALTO says

    don't mess with the olds, ok kids?

  29. El Naz says

    What kind of car is that first one

  30. Aditya Tudu says

    Yoo thats the BEN 10 car

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