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In this ABC interview from 1974, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke makes the bold claim that one day computers will allow people to work from home and access their banking records.

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  1. Adeel Tahir says

    Black and white gives me a migraine, I’m glad I’m a 21st century child ??

  2. Adeel Tahir says

    Anyone else just get this in recommended?

  3. l337pwnage says

    What they don't tell you is the desk will be the size of a house…

  4. wolf green says

    I started working with IBM main frames back in 1977

  5. Satender Yadav says

    This video has most no of likes on comments and replies.

  6. And one day,phones will be too big to fit in a pocket ….again

  7. PositronicReflex says

    Apparently his optimism about living anywhere you wanted to on account of personal computers didn't extend to the realm of moms basement.

  8. QueenCoCoaMocha says

    Sir, we are addicted to this handheld computer! Have you heard about 5G?

  9. Ryan Brown says

    One word DeLorean

  10. Salmon Dough says

    lol it fits in my pocket now

  11. Neil says

    What's a Computer?

  12. Caprise - Music says

    1. That is just super fascinating.

    2. I love his mid-Atlantic accent

  13. Naughty Batman350 says

    Fun fact u didn’t look this up

  14. Moe Lesso says

    I'm pretty sure that child was abused

  15. Rob Vazquez says

    Past Adults forward thinking future kids whens is the next round of Fornite.

  16. Unknown Splitzer says

    Claim your “here before computers fly” ticket here.

  17. JOYSON JOHN says

    One day a super computer will fit on desk or even in our palm!!

  18. Rosman Onate says

    2050 it will be one one current bill and also one language and for last one president for all our planet.

  19. Student 43013 says

    Now we have computer that fit into our pockets … And we use it to argue with stranger and look at pictures of cute thing.

  20. George McKeon says

    1:10 Predicting the COVID pandemic.

  21. J Smith says

    What wisdardly is this crap? ??

    I was born on Jan. 30, 1974. I’m not believing it!

  22. Notsofast L says

    And now they fit in our hands

  23. lowgrinder. says

    Jonathan. 37, plays fortnite for a living: scrolls through YouTube
    Finds this video
    Him: hm… Wonder who that could be

  24. Barns Barns says


  25. Burak Tepe says

    This guy explain future in correct way.

  26. Dragonboy 6595 says

    Omg ?

  27. Evil Moose says

    I am watching this in 2020 but i am from 2050 and we don't even have telephones

  28. #quarantine squad says

    Little did they know we will be able to fit a computer in our hands

  29. Meap_YT says

    “1974” we will have flying cars

    “2020” *Builds obstical course for hamster*

  30. mick mccrory says

    I started college in 1974. They made me learn Fortran, & Cobal.
    Our university had an IBM 360 that took up a whole floor of the computer building. We spent all night punching cards.
    I said to my self, & friends that in about 10 years, there will be computers the size of a typewriter that will understand English,
    & learning all this programming is a waste of time.

  31. Donovan Bryan says

    This man never knew there would be videos on computers that 27k people would watch

  32. TheNobleMan says

    Now it can fit in your pockets

  33. Amer Huba says

    1:15 one thing we needed freaking human malware to achive remote work without begging employers for

  34. ChrisChen1220 says

    One day the Gaming community takes over the Universe

  35. pambak76 says

    The same year bohemian rhapsody was written ?

  36. James White says

    This kid is like.. Stranger Danger! ?

  37. Tribal Devotion says

    Hi I'm from the future and you are correct.

  38. Kyle Schwartz says

    He was 100% on the money

  39. Horasan Hori says

    More like a pocket lol

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