Overwatch Summer Games 2020 – Dates, Game mode Changes, and Legendary Skin Predictions


Overwatch Summer Games 2020 including most likely start Date, Game mode Changes, and Legendary Skin Predictions for the Overwatch event

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  2. Hooty says

    Is no one gonna talk about Orisa would have such a good skin not like a country skin but a dodge ball skin or something along those lines

  3. Luminati Games says

    Brig needs a legendary skin she hasn’t got one in forever

  4. Haruko says

    I think you cant completely predict the skins since Blizzard is more likely to just give a hero a good skin because they have a good idea. A really cool idea is to give Rein a similar skin like
    Mercy´s Winged victory. Something like Poseidon with a trident.

  5. ha says

    Yooooooo August 4th is my birthday ???

  6. Spartan_A117 says

    Actually that's a really good prediction 1?

  7. Soul Is Souless says

    Hey, my PC is a tad… low on storage, because my old one kinda died, And if I get a better PC eventually, Can you get summer games/event skins like say… Uhm- Not stuff like pink mercy, but stuff like Seasonal skins, like say the… Mei skin with the green liquid in the Cyrogun- (a sort of… Tea????) with a straw in the top of it, I haven't been able to play for a few years. so I'm stoked- but I'm curious! Summer Games, events like that from past years, could I still get said skins?

  8. Lukas Johnson says

    2 words… Fuck Lucioball

  9. Preston Garvey says

    We need an Ashe beach skin

  10. Izzyiee says

    Lifeguard mercy. Anyone?

  11. Raven says

    Aaahhh hopefully theres a decent genji skin smh

  12. Frozty says

    Im so excited since itll be my 1st event

  13. okveronique says

    me just wanting a echo legendary

  14. Dysfunctional Duck says

    3:14 they allow Hanzo, but they don't allow Genji? Was that a mistake on Blame The Controller's part?

  15. LaggzMcGee says

    I was thinking genji and hanzo would get a skin because it wouldve been the Japan Olympic games

  16. mangataku fn says

    Dva is from japan

  17. Hi there says

    I honestly just want ONE pretty moira skin, JUST ONE please. Banshee is the only acceptable, I don't wanna keep getting eye cancer from her

  18. Philip J. Fry says

    Wrecking ball better get a soccer or beachball skin

  19. no u says

    Numbani is suppose to be in Nigeria (not trying to be a know-it-all)

  20. 4later says

    just release Lucio ball into the workshop, I bet people will create some awesome stuff 😀

  21. ian hlady says

    They should make moon skins for Hammond and Winston

  22. DarkGhostzzy _ says

    What about Mercy? I mean shes swiss and Overwatch added a Swiss Flag ingame or is this ?? =?? ? Why didnt she got a summer event skin?

  23. Anthony Molina says

    Waiting on a new Halloween lucio legend skin

  24. Oukn says

    I have it on ps4 but want get it on PC or should I skip since they keep talking about overwatch 2 ?

  25. Mark Drakan says

    If I had to pick 5 and 3:
    Epic – Pharah / Doomfist / Orisa
    Legendary – Ashe / Bastion / Mei / Reinhardt / Symmetra

  26. Mark Drakan says

    What I would like to see:

    Reinhardt Poolside Skin – with floatie armour and big inflateable hammer. And a highlight reel of hammer test of strength fairground attraction.

    Roadhog Swimshorts Skin – like his summer games spray. Highlight reel of him doing the swim dance

  27. RoxyMoxy says

    I really want ashe to get that skin from her summer games spray qwq (Idk if it's exactly summer games but she looks nice it in it either way-)

  28. Luke says

    i want baptiste to get a halloween zombie skin

  29. Rizos Kolkos says

    I think Phara is going to have a basketball skin.

  30. Dark Knight says


  31. Keller The Best says

    Genji and Moira have flags too

  32. _Study_ says

    I'm calling it, Mercy will get some kind of skin !!! XD mostly cuzz they seem to enjoy giving her a thon of skins and I aint complaining cuzz I love her hahaha

  33. Alexander Wolf Gear says

    Sombra got Mexico skin too, and a summer skin too, so sombra discarded, for summer or "beach" sknis I hope to see Reinhard, in an open Hawaiian shirt, that leave to see some flesh like McCree and Hanzo summer skins, although it would still be interesting to see Reaper's summer skin, as for Roadhog, it would be really funny that they give the summer skin as seen on his sprays, using only a speedo, although it is unlikely xD

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