Ozzy Osbourne Gives an Update on His Health


Ozzy Osbourne updates Jenny McCarthy on his health, but says he can’t wait to go back on tour.

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  1. Jeff Boyd says

    A man as meaningful as any pioneer in music. Really an inspiration.

  2. Phyllis Podesva says

    Great interview with ozzy jen

  3. Christophe Dupin says

    Don't worry Ozzy, you're not gonna die 'cause youse immortal!

  4. Bridges 42 says

    I just got an Ozzy patch today. I’m supposed to see him in Glasgow

  5. Yodah says

    Ozzy has never spoken so clearly in the last decade, he really looks and sounds great now.

  6. Kateyn Rose says

    Always in my prayers Ozzy. Love you XX

  7. Liz says

    Wishing Ozzy peace and comfort. ??

  8. Ikon says

    The Godfather of heavy metal.
    Keep fighting Ozzy man we need u!

  9. Ray Ramos says

    I share your birthday ozzy dec 3 it rolls with the concrete

  10. Ray Ramos says

    5hats wats up

  11. Ashley S. says

    Love you Ozzy❤

  12. sorgi9 says

    Much love to you best wishes

  13. LadyRhia69 says

    Love you Ozzy ! Continue your healing and self care. Your a true gem and blessing to the world!!❤️

  14. Mike Stewart says

    You’ve got this Ozzy …

  15. beano1eye says

    She lives with a musician now, What happened to Donnie Wahlberg?

  16. Randy’s Crazy Adventures says

    prayers to you ozzy

  17. I am Supernaut says

    Ozzy said F it and stopped dyeing his hair. His silver roots are growing in and the hat is hiding it

  18. wendyknoxleet says

    Cannot stand this family

  19. GOD of FUCK says

    I wish I was married to his daughter

  20. GOD of FUCK says

    He has lived the life of ten ppl ive seen him more times than I can count .good times like u cant believe

  21. Jacob Lemus says

    Good to hear the update! Hang in there man love ya Ozz! ?

  22. Canada's Worst Fisherman says

    the Dementia Tour 2021, with Ozzy & Biden.

  23. Sam11176 says

    Sharon looks like a 70 year old woman that thinks she’s 14.

  24. GLING says

    Love you, Ozzy! Stay strong, my man. ???

  25. Joao jr79 says

    Stay safe dear Ozzy. We love you…

  26. Quest says

    Glad he's doing better! Getting there.

  27. ImWatchingYou says

    Sharon looks fantastic! ?

  28. anta gonist says

    Didnt understand a single word but get well soon Ozzy ???

  29. Rochelle Lindfield says

    Sending you all the positive, healing vibes Ozzy!

  30. Angela Cross says


  31. cilla crow says

    Ozzy, outdoor shows will be as well if the dems have their way. Think about it. They claim ppl get this virus by going to the beach which is outside. Hmmmm seems fishy yo me

  32. John J. Sanchez says

    Just stay out of the heat John. Drink non caffeinated fluids

  33. cockatielboy333 says

    Keep up the good fight Ozzy! I cannot stress enough how much you've made our lives better with your music! We love you!

  34. Natosha Love says

    I love you Ozzy, You are helping everyone even when you feel you're in such pain. we're all sending you energy.

  35. Heather Wallace says

    Total fan girl here! Grew up listening to Ozzy, and had a total crush on him.. <3 the family and prayers for an even better recovery!

  36. Brian Mikasa says

    What was wrong with him?

  37. Mario Maldonado says

    Is he losing his hair ??

  38. jody goheen says

    stay healthy ozzy canada loves you man

  39. Jerry Campos says

    Come on ozzy you do it this pandemic is almost over .

  40. brielle says

    god i fucking love them so much

  41. Exodus Corvus says

    it's great to see you up and moving. stay safe and continue getting better.

  42. GO TEXAS RANGERS ! says

    i love you guys.
    especially you Jenny, hubba hubba. : – ) you are so beautiful.
    best wishes to the osbourne family.

  43. Toot McGuffey says

    Keep going Ozzy mate!

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