Pickups, COVID, & Garage Sales


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  1. JollitownGamer says

    I would think garage sales have been less since the outbreak?

  2. Mr Orange says

    It's really nice to see you. Really used rmto enjoy seeing your videos pop up. Good to see you're all well.

  3. The PokeSmiths says

    GaryVee is super interesting and entertaining but you are my all time favorite garage sale Tuber! Keep hustling dude!

  4. Thebeast0_o says

    Miss watching your content

  5. Brandon Creecy says

    Bring back screen therapy, I’m still waiting bro.

  6. Between the Surface says

    I went to 5 garage sales last weekend and plan on doing it this weekend. Found nothing except for at a flea market, GB Advance SP, Dsi, and 6 games all for $40. Definitely not fully worth it but my friend grabbed it just so we could say it wasn't for nothing.

  7. toonswap says

    Looking forward to the next garage sale pick ups video. I predict… a Neo Geo AES console with 10 loose games. 😉

  8. Michael Gilbert says

    Keep the videos coming mate ive missed your content

  9. Chace says

    I was ok until you decided to be a moral narcissist and call people jerks that have a problem with masks. I think you do care where we land on this issue or you wouldn't of insulted people and bring the topic up in the first place. Stick to garage sales.

  10. Blake Bargain Hunter says

    Love your channel! Your channel is so good and hope to get my channel somewhere near yours in the future!

  11. Adam Morris says

    Been way too long, my man! Good to see you back!

  12. orlando solano says

    I wish these arrogant self entitled Americans were as thoughtful as you Canadian’s

  13. Cheapskate Gamer says

    Kijiji is Dead!!!!

  14. Christopher Ward says

    I get wearing a mask is important right now but I have panic attacks and anxiety . Last time I went somewhere with a mask on , I almost blacked out because I couldn’t breathe in it and I was getting severe hot flashes.. so as much as I’d like to , I can’t unless I’ll end up in a hospital. Just sucks cause how am I suppose to shop for food and such ..

  15. BigG Masterson says

    Welcome back!!!

  16. SMSV says

    This didn’t pop up in my subscription feed! But we here!!!!

  17. Scott Rockers says

    Thx for the video, glad the family is good

  18. LetsPlay Games86 says

    Im glad you’re back. Also please tell Matt I miss his videos. I wish he’d come
    back, with whatever hes doing.

  19. CrunchCrew says

    DUDE! You gotta stop comparing yourself to others, WE LOVE YOUR CONTENT! Glad you're "back" 😛

  20. Matt Ward says

    Yup shirt is fresh, roll camera.

  21. jason coleman says

    Ya do a awesome job. Just as good as the other guys. Ya don't sound scripted like the other guys. Can't wait for more vids thx

  22. Scott T says

    Rgt doesn’t have the game room you have! So you have him beat there!

  23. David Delaney says

    We missed you man!!!

  24. Tim Brice says

    Wear a mask is sound advice. It's a small thing that says, hey I care about others. I disagree with your assessment of your content though. I sub to RGT85 but I don't watch everything he puts out like I do your channel. He has a great channel but I like what you do, it's really not the same content and you have differing on camera personalities. I personally really enjoy your content and am glad to see you had the bug to make a few videos. I hope that bug sticks around a bit. Take care man.

  25. TinhVutXaUocMo says

    Umm SeeJayAre it's now down to 4460 cases now

  26. Eww Oppp says

    He’s back

  27. Stephen Drown says

    What happened to Gamer Alley ??? Did he delete his channel ???

  28. Gray Lappo says

    Glad to see you back, missed watching your videos… your videos are the best mate ????

  29. mark brooks says

    Keep the garage sale videos going as great to see what you get and how you do it

  30. Reggie Fils-Aimé says

    so happy to see you uploading again!!!

  31. iamkboyd says

    Love the hat! Noble North!

  32. LKG says

    Welcome back charlie i sent you lots of Instagram messages about if you wanted to be on my youtube podcast but havent heard from you, hope your well would love it if you got back to me, and another great video ??

  33. JHAnimeGamer says

    Gud see you back man, actually avn't watch sonic movie yet, i ave it in steelbook edition. shud checkout my channel feel free, did massive gamepickups video. great video m8!

  34. Adam Young says

    I’m so glad you are back bro!!!!!!

  35. The Real John Hancock says

    You already have a lot of stuff. Send donations to my humble video game museum instead!!

  36. 8bitsnriffs says

    Glad to see you back at least for a little while! Hope you and your family are doing well!

  37. PSVIEWR says

    Does your Facebook selling page we go to Canada?

  38. jcau99 says

    When I type “SeeJayAre” in Google the first result is “Does Jamone911 still have SeeJayAre’s SD card?”

  39. big daddy coool says

    It's the Chinese Corona Virus.

  40. StrikerXL says

    This is the type of content I love to watch! ?

    *Small tip: Don't compare yourself with RGT85 or SpawnWave. I follow those YouTubers as well, but you have your own unique style and personality. That's mean reason I watch your channel.

  41. FRCB says

    I missed your vids

  42. XavRiLLe says

    welcome back! its been a while!

  43. paul fish says

    Great to see you back .hello from U.K. stay safe

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