Pistols Basketball Offense Plays that Work


Video animations and explanations of NBA, international and college examples of the Pistols Basketball Offense.

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  1. NLPBball says

    Good stuff, I just started doing similar breakdowns on my page, check it out and let me know what you think. I'm always looking to get better. I love the breakdown ??

  2. DeAndre Page says

    21-Chase = very early pass to the button-hook guy, then return pass is better than 21-Dribble = no pass because more teammates get to touch the ball before the actual shot.
    21-Ricky is awesome = Trailing BIG sets the automatic Flare Screen, then a 2nd Flare Screen for that same cutter.

  3. Mysterious 23 says

    DO Horns set next

  4. Camden Elite says

    Good stuff

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