Plays We Did Not Expect from Lionel Messi ● He Can Do Anything


Towering Headers , Powerful Long Range Stunners , Step Overs , Ridiculous Back Heels , Showboating Tricks & Moves ,…. Lionel Messi with the Most UNEXPECTED Skills from Him Ever. Anything – Everything , He Can Do It ALL.

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  1. Messi Magic™ says

    Most Complete Footballer Ever.

  2. Dan says

    Look at the shamless bums coming to messo channels.???

  3. Dan says

    Cr7RapRyhmes needs to learn respect

  4. Dan says

    Ronaldo stalks messi 24/7 ??

  5. Emanuel Esquivel says

    futbolísticamente hablando, maneja el cuerpo como la cabeza procesa, INMESSIONANTE. Sin dudas. Todos pensamos jugadas que nuestra cabeza procesa, pero nuestro cuerpo no lo permite, Messi, sin embargo, procesa y lo plasma en el fútbol. SIN PALABRAS.

  6. Spoops Saloo says

    He can’t do everything he is not the G.O.A.T CR7 is Ronaldo can score with his head Messi can’t Messi can run fast Ronaldo can Ronaldo can jump high Messi can’t like if you agree!SIIIIIIIII

  7. Nirmala Choudhary says

    Teacher: tell me the spelling of GOAT
    Child: M e s s i

  8. Nirmala Choudhary says

    Best players in the world
    1.jesse lingardinho
    2.phil (sharpshooter)Jones
    3.messi and Ronaldo
    Accept or not this is the truth?

  9. Football Is life says

    exactly he can do anything like miss a penalty in the world cup

  10. CHAN POH MING says

    eeerrrr…well what do u expect the best player on the planet but it's from other galaxy planet OK…lol

  11. Sailaxmi Mamidi says

    How can a human have great beauty,personality, heart,tallent, luck,success, etc??????ONLY

  12. Kareem Hajeer says

    Ronaldo is better

  13. goutham g says


  14. Góc Chiến Thuật - Football Tactics says

    Messi is absolute outstanding. Big man of big matches, carry team, out of tactics

  15. Dazza says

    As great as Messi is you know Ronaldinho is the number 1 player on YouTube

  16. Super Urju says

    Ronaldo doesnt score goals from hand

  17. Samy L. says

    You forgot the match where Messi was so magical that he dissapeared completely. Liverpool 4-0 barca

  18. Faruk Bin Nasir says

    Who is the best player in the world??

  19. Sarath Kumara says
  20. blørbaki says

    we expect the unexpected, that's why we get amazed for a second then be like "well that's Messi"

  21. Teddy Plays says

    Visca Barça??? Any gamers? I post Call of duty videos and will start posting fifa too

  22. Laureano Alfaro says

    I really don't get the video, and this is with LOTS OF RESPECT FOR YOUR WORK MAN; REALLY, but it actually works against the idea behind it….

    Headers? yes he is not a player that puts himself in positions where he can he head the ball, yet it's noticeable he has a great technique and jump (Diego was the same).

    But the rest? tons of times he throws backheels, nutmegs, "pisadas", sombreros, or bullets…yet the difference like Zico or Pele is that for instance these three could do anything with the ball but always had the goal as the GOAL, so even a nutmeg it's just a necessary skill to go forward as fast as they can to achive or provide that goal.

    Diego was like that too, but also liked to toy a bit more his oponnents, Dinho his heir in such regard, liked a bit too much the later, but will love him no matter what and Ney too..Sivori was unbereable in his teasing, Di Stefano used to criticize that from him, inmense forgoten talent BTW.

    But only poeple that do not watch Messi regularly thinks that he is el Piojo Lopez putting the ball forward and running in a straight line.

    There is nothing in the vid that is unexpected from him or his usual style of play, bar headers and if you pushing it, straight direct bullet shots, but he also bends it regularly with power not also accuracy.

    I know the intention behind man, but not a great idea. The best idea for me? try to do it, would be great pal! .

    Is to just do a vid of him passing, the little things, touches, controls, dribblings, getting out of tight spaces, you'll see tons of flicks and fast paced skills that are hard to see at first time with the game at full pace, that would be great. I guess time will solve this issue with Messi, for Diego happened that way. When he was playing many people talked about his pace and power, later not few realized the magician he was, yet Diego had a a more flamboyant tendency, but a lot of people were blind to it.

    Lio like Pele or Zico, kept it more at bay, yet they produced sooo much! so many times, that they produced a lot more skills and out of the ordinary attemps or trickery than many think. This video do not endorse that, this video on contrair kind of says otherwise, sending IMO a wrong message, while I know that it wasn't the intention behind it.

  23. fouad catalonia says

    2:06 "how much longer can this guy keep improving" that commentator had no idea didn't he ?

  24. Noah Velez says

    There can only be one ? and that man is named Lionel Messi

  25. Kauã Gamer says

    El mejor

  26. TheAnax 11 says

    Forgot this cancer Channel exist

  27. TOP 10Z says

    Love Messi and Love Ronaldo, Guess who's RICHER –

  28. MP 10 says

    CR7 is better

  29. daniel betan says

    title should be "plays to expect from Lionel Messi "



  31. ali yhya says

    عن اي مقارنات تتحدثون.يامتعصبين…فن ومتعه ومهاره انه افضل بشر لعب .كره قدم…

  32. Lawrence says

    Please do a ray hudson and peter dury special on Messi commentaries.. Please

  33. Sammy Steel says

    2.39 LMAO??

  34. MD FAHIMS says

    how is the player in the world…stunning just stunning..?

  35. Shilton Jose says


  36. sumesh kumar says

    When maradona retired from Argentina football, have they ever thought about a better player than him even in their wildest dreams….

  37. Froggy Froggy says

    When you thought Messi couldn’t knuckleball

  38. zoom game says

    woow very nice

  39. Saviour Nusetor says

    8.50 – 9.00 classic teamwork

  40. Sha Plys says

    Messi cannot shoot from the halfway line. Ronaldo can. Messi cannot score more headers than Ronaldo. Ronaldo has more weak foot goals. And let's not forget Messi only did it In LA LIGA.

  41. Máximo Ilari Campo says

    No te puedo explicar lo que yo amo a este tipo

  42. JMK says

    Fun Fact: Only Ronaldo(18) scored more headers in the top 5 leagues than Messi(6) during the 2014/2015 season.

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