Post it football challenge


This video is the definition of clutch for the win! You wouldn’t have believenit what happened if we didn’t record.

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  1. Sahanaa Kalimuthu(Student) says

    is ridhwan a player he is really good

  2. Rama Muzaki khalil pasha says

    Is there sierra????

  3. Hasif Azwan says

    I got name for team jianhao the team name is jiandan

  4. Thuta K.Soe says

    eh pls invite ur fans to play football with you

  5. Zahirul Dinie says

    5:25 $2 $5 $5 $5 ??? $5 $5 22? 37? 44? 54? ??????

  6. Aislynn Co 許依晶 3- 2 says

    Me: laughing a lot it's so funny ?????? LOL

  7. Call of duty train with me says



    Ridhwan cheated!!!

  9. Nico Mari says

    jinhoe tan kan you play soccer game team hao hao vs team ridward

  10. aryan kanhye says

    Ridwan cheated

  11. Md. Anwar Hossain says

    Rainbow challenge

  12. tara maharjan says

    ridhwan cheated

  13. tara maharjan says

    thats cheating

  14. Azally Aubdool says


  15. GGmon Plays says

    Look at 7:44 untill 7:46, so funny

  16. Anthony Nyolanda says

    Booooooo ridhwan

  17. Shoaib Ismail says

    What a amazing shot by Ridhwan

  18. Komathy Thangarathnam says

    Don't you play cricket?

  19. Irene Akaluogbo says


  20. yousef Hajj says

    Vincent and Ridwan cheated on the first 1 they counted wrong they had 45

  21. PJ and Yovey Dribo says

    Ridwans team haves 27 dollers

  22. yenul Rathnayake says

    you guys are awsome

  23. Simon Ow says

    Vincent became fatter

  24. Hareesh Krishnaa says

    3:11 jian hao is concerned about cows

  25. dung Huynh yt says

    Do part 2 of the post note

  26. Philemon Ishak says

    Ridwhan cheated

  27. Koshal Gupta says

    I did not expect that ridwans team would win…….it was so damn unexpected

  28. PorygonZ YT_ says

    2:22 the day I die

  29. Adam Gazic says

    They did not have 47 in the 1st round

  30. kimmean Seng says

    when ur good at football but ur favorite youtuber isnt

  31. archana chandra says

    Lol. Damn funny

  32. Hao Yuan says

    I was kinda surprised when Ridhwan save his team in the last minutes

  33. garikipatis says

    You guys hit each other like 3or 4 times?

  34. Jannatul Ferdous says

    That what I call how to play

  35. SeaDoge says

    Ridhwan olny got 27

  36. HE JIN TAN says

    Rid is a cheater

  37. Aloysius Ong says

    I don't like RIDHWAN because if he cheats that means he is a stupid and don't know how to play games

  38. Qanit Zaheer says

    Try with F2

  39. I am Sans says

    Is it Just Me That The Way Vincent Kicks The Ball Is Funny?

  40. Ethan Daniel says

    Dan and Jian Hao didnt multiply by two at the half court line xD

  41. WaterKing Pro says


  42. Funmi Dee says

    Can u count that was 27

  43. Kichu Achu says


  44. victor salamanca says

    How come vincent is so bad

  45. Mandy Chee says

    Vinson cheated

  46. Yau Chou says

    Ridhwan counted wrong in the first round

  47. Yau Chou says

    Ridhwan is a cheater

  48. Aryan Nagpal says

    Dan fell for it

  49. FishyFun says

    1 like = 1 dollar for Dan and Hao

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