Professor vs Trash Talker 1v1 for $100.. EPIC beach court


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  1. Vito Laksmono says

    The heckler looks like steph curry but fat versiob

  2. Blake Foster says


  3. ShortyTMusic 116 says

    “God bless you” ❤️❤️?? He is a child of God praise Jesus!❤️??

  4. Dr Hassen Mohamed says

    the challenger is nice as far a challenge him.

  5. David Dorn Say his name says

    Why is that dude laying on the ground? Get up mane

  6. Roko Čogelja says

    How does he always run into a trash talker when he is filming hmmm maybe this is FAKE????

  7. Alex Peña says

    Dang can't believe this was 3 yrs qgo

  8. All True says

    This dude got his ASS WHOOPED

  9. Fresh says

    Guy was like 32 at the time

  10. Hristo Binev says

    First beat anyone?

  11. Prosper & Gamble P&G says

    Professor breaking ankles and shoulders.

  12. Sayaji Arts says
    Please like the video YOUR PARENTS

  13. Cornell Chambers says

    Anyone still watching in 2020?

  14. J's tv says

    5:15 nice

  15. Kyle Adam says

    Lol he hit him bac w the gotta watch the hips tho

  16. Edward Castillo says

    He watched too many Lebron games

  17. Dinh 71 says

    That was so embarrassing, that even I had to fake an injury just to stop watching this beatdown.

  18. Zax N. says

    I find myself going back to this vid

  19. BlitzShift Wulf says

    I'm kinda curious but what the name of that song at 0:48

  20. Ricardo Netzahaul says

    Who here after Professor Injury ????????

  21. Chris Brown says

    Does anyone else notice the guy just doing push-ups?

  22. Abhishek Sahoo says

    I am pretty sure he was Missing most of the shots intentionally..

  23. Ulyn Lindhorst says


  24. rh25 says

    Camera man did a really good job covering his face ?

  25. Truly Zay says

    Why his ass all out ?

  26. TheOfficial says


  27. drummerwithstixs says

    Dude that wasnt funny , shoulder dislocation hurts like fuck!! Otherwise all cool lol

  28. Freitonalta says

    Quem veio pelo Gavin?????

  29. Attack helicopter says

    This man just destroys people in basketball

  30. mirkaaan says

    Professor actually the trash talker

  31. Raza says

    I like how the professor didn't even try and blurr his face lmao. You could see his face multiple times throughout the vid..

  32. Brian Stills says

    Best video the professor ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Freedom Sol says

    This guy

  34. Ash Gunsay says

    4:52 got what you deserve .

  35. Jonathan Esser says

    I'm not hating just curious. Does professor ever post losses or is he just undefeated in basketball?

  36. DaKa Studioz says

    You are Truly gifted king.GOD Blezz…

  37. Tan M says

    All he can do is trash talk like if im right

  38. Ryan Bacatan says


  39. Likolehua Gonsalves says

    Trash Talker be like: “Imma hit a all you can eat Buffet, then my shoulder be ight”

  40. Steve Libby says

    If I were that guy, I would not sign the waiver, either. He should have gotten it up front.

  41. TheBagBalm says

    this fool just embarrassed himself big time. talking trash, broken ankle, faking an injury, and he didn't lose to 7 points. he quit early. his face is expose. if you see this man near a basketball park, tell him to get the fuq outta here.

  42. David Caruso says

    Trash talking faker wow unbelievable

  43. TheHumanSpirit says

    Just discovered this channel. You're a class act. The guy was disrespectful and you weren't phased by it. Like how you comport yourself.

  44. Shane Schmidt says

    Me to why is his face blurred then not blurred

  45. WaldoIsDead says

    Guy behind the blur edit did an amazing job!

  46. Julian L says

    As Soon As I Seen His Tight Ass Clothes. I Knew He Was Gonna Get Disrespected

  47. Sergei Lihomanov says


  48. 10k subscribers without any videos challenge says

    ay man you know even the best players like prof even miss sometimes it’s not like you can get it first try all the time

  49. stan _sm says

    I keep watching thjsever since it was recommended to me 3 years ago

  50. Shawn Walker says

    Wtf what r u trying to blur??!?#?! XD

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