Proof That FlightReacts Is The WORST Basketball Player EVER


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  1. Legend Of Winning says

    If you have any problems viewing the game log I highly suggest utilizing a different email address. Personally, I am trying to approve many people who are a problem viewing the game log however the access is still denied because you're using an email through a private domain (like a student email)

  2. JDK says

    Useless vid

  3. vurse is depressed says

    Flight in june doe

  4. Luka Obratov says

    He just didn’t have the cameras on

  5. olastini the goat says

    Yo I wanna know how long this took gg to legend of winning❤️

  6. Nick Fisher says

    No because people have lives, luckily I don’t.??

  7. Official oJ_Wayne says

    Flight is the Charlie zelenoff of basketball

  8. Wuhan Jöhn says

    Why flight is the best WNBA player.

  9. starsd says

    Oh fuck no this nigga needs the most dislikes

  10. Lebonic says

    Me watching this in July knowing he’s got it all wrong

  11. Go Die says

    Flight watching like ???

  12. Ryan Duffy says

    Why is his torso so long and skinny?

  13. Abdulrafay Khan says

    U didn’t put flight v Mikey on may 28 2020 on ur. Chart

  14. Le FunY says

    At least he enjoys the sport ??

  15. Eggmastuuuh says

    The camera was on during all of these clips coincidence I think not

  16. Mr Perfect says

    Does It even matter how good he is. I wanna see how good u are then let’s talk.?

  17. Kaden Kullberg says

    You see, I suck ass at basketball, but I can at least admit it

  18. Sosa Marvin Gaye says

    This is the best vid on YouTube

  19. ZonePsycho 21 says

    Flight just plays for fun stop attacking him

  20. William Summerson says

    I forgot I hate kyrie Irving too. There is only 4 players in the NBA right now that can play in the 70s, 80s and 90s. And they are right here.
    1. Lebron James
    2. Anthony Davis
    3. Damian lillard
    4. Luca

  21. William Summerson says

    Flight's reactions suck especially when it comes to the nba. Gsw are a joke now and have been for years. Somebody asked me who are my most hated and overrated nba players. So here it is.
    1. Draymond green
    2. Steph curry
    3. Klay Thompson
    4. Kevin Durant
    5. Carmelo Anthony
    6. Bill laimbeer
    7. Manu Ginobili
    8. Allen Iverson
    9. Zion Williamson
    10. The whole new York Knicks franchise.

  22. Sulfur Flxid says

    I cant believe u found clips of this man flight makin a shot ?.

  23. Blackstaff Animations says

    Ill be honest…
    I like watching flights cuz hes trash.

  24. Hitlers missing testicle says

    Charlie z of basketball

  25. Ezekiel Caselton says

    So, this is what you are doing downstairs.

  26. Matt Q2 says

    I really thought flight would have more air balls

  27. Kotaro Koumi says


  28. Joe's Mobile Gaming says

    Nah bro if he was in 2k he would the best player with 0 on every stat

  29. DTaylorTv says

    This video needs an update??

  30. Mihail Mickoski says


  31. WarriorfanXXIII says


  32. Anonymous says

    He doesnt even qualify as a basketball player cuz he so ass

  33. skeet skirt says

    might be the worst player but the smartest person alive

  34. Buttplug Gaming says

    You can’t deny the huge amount of confidence this guy has tho lol

  35. DSREACTS says

    He trash but not the worst

  36. jassim alzawaid says

    Bro flight is actually good. It’s just that when he’s doing good the cameras aren’t on

  37. Big Ed says

    Every flight video, every.

  38. mikeisgreat34 says

    flight is a brown shirt with Hof brick god but hof hustle

  39. Zig says

    The guy is so bad it hurts me when people actually watch his 1v1's

  40. Flux says

    I act like flight except I actually bank my shots

  41. TelsaWolverine - says

    CashNasty would like you to do this for him

  42. DJ Adams says

    There’s no way he’s the worst basketball player of all time.

    Because I’m the worst basketball player of all time.

  43. Silver 739 says

    What if flight’s plan is to lose games intentionally so that the person he 1v1s gets clout?

  44. Aaron says

    This dude does know that he just acts bad for entertainment right?

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