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  1. Abhay Singh says

    Aryan se har gya Sala pmco players chutia

  2. ABHAY GAMING says


  3. Mamta Khilnani says

    I love you mortol

  4. Rasel Gaming YT says

    Need support guys ?

  5. Daksh B 1 Agarwal says

    Mortal you are loser and hydra dynamo is best

  6. MR. Devil says

    ?To the 1%people who see this have a great day /night and I wish you all the best stay safe and be greatful for everything your life?To

    Please don't ignore this guys
    I've been working really hard guys, I spend most of my time in recording gameplays and
    in editing❤️anyone's 2 sec of a support won't hurt❤️,

  7. nav navi says


  8. MKS ゙ノZARK says

    Mortal is RECHARGING

  9. Muzammil Mujtaba says


  10. Muzammil Mujtaba says

    Mortal bahi pubg I'd batado

  11. Muzammil Mujtaba says


  12. God OP says

    Everyone says Mortal is noob , But I'm watching you from Season 5 and those clutches you did that time cannot be forget , Thankuh Mortal Sir for the motivation! ❤️❤️

  13. Pan 10 says

    Bro gaane lgadena next time

  14. Sudigaali Sudheer says

    Pubg id

  15. KR Vines says

    Mortal Op

  16. ZK_ GAMING says

    Or eid mubarak bhai

  17. ZK_ GAMING says

    Bhai big fan

  18. The elusive boy says


  19. Gaming and Chilling says

    Happy friendship day mortal bhai,the new in game look is lit♥️

  20. Sidharth Chauhan says

    Pubg will ban…

  21. Nik rajput says

    Mortal kuch bola tha aaj shaam ka????.Aaja bhai

  22. # sid says

    Bhai ye toh indo Scrims stream hi Nahi kara ???

  23. Jay Mondal says

    Hi pro player

  24. Jay Mondal says


  25. ShooteR Gaming says

    6:30 nhi Aaye aap?

  26. ayon bhattacharya says

    Abhi Tak nhi Aya bola tha indo scrims stream krega 6:30?

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