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In this episode:
00:01:06 — Breaking Q – US Unemployment reaches over 126 Million out of work

00:04:00 — Q News Tonight Opening Package

00:05:29 — Interview with Congresswoman Donna Shalala
00:06:45 — The Congresswoman discusses the new Covid-19 Business Stimulus
00:10:41 — We discuss the current Secretary of Health and Human Services
00:12:39 — Why is the White House response so disorganized?
00:15:06 — What is the reaction to states like Georgia reopening early?
00:16:06 — When will widespread testing be available?
00:18:13 — Why isn’t President Trump stepping in to make sure local healthcare has the resources they need?
00:19:11 — What is going to happen with coronavirus testing?
00:20:52 — What unique challenges does the LGBTQ+ community face?
00:22:34 — What about Trump’s declaration that the virus will be gone by the fall?
00:23:47 — What is the opinion of Elizabeth Warren as Vice President?
00:24:48 — What should be done with masks?
00:26:20 — What would Congresswoman Shalala’s response have been to President Bill Clinton if this had happened when she was the Secretary of Health & Human Services?
00:29:05 — Who was the better real estate investor, President Trump or Donna Shalala’s father?

00:31:45 — About Q News Tonight and the Happening Out Television Network

00:32:20 — “Quarantine Quickies”

00:44:15 — Coronavirus Good News

00:47:28 — “Q’s Q&A” with Dr. Howard Grossman
00:49:15 — Dr. Grossman discusses that Hydroxychloroquine is ineffective in treating COVID-19.
00:50:37 — A small study shows an HIV drug also did not help with treatment.
00:51:42 — Antibody testing is now becoming widely available
00:54:24 — Viewer Question: How do the US death statistics hit you as a doctor?
00:57:49 — Viewer Question: What is the number 1 thing to help preventing the disease?
00:58:58 — Viewer Question: Do you agree with Dr. Fauci that this disease will be around for most of the year?
01:00:36 — Viewer Question: What should people do if they continue to have difficulty breathing after other symptoms go away?
01:01:29 — Viewer Question: What are your thoughts on the efforts to get the economy restarted?
01:04:38 — Viewer Question: Are company’s “No contact” policies effective to protect essential workers?
01:05:54 — Viewer Question: How is COVID-19 affecting access to mental health care?
01:07:54 — Viewer Question: How should I prepare to go into public?
01:10:23 — Viewer Question: Are we going to be OK as a country?

01:16:00 — The Big Finish – rapid fire overview of other headlines.

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