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I have always wanted to do this and today was finally the day! Thanks to topoffrides for putting these slingshots together for us! It was literally so much fun. It felt like Mario Kart in real life lol. I definitely recommend you guys to try these out with your friends! We went on a little cruise around LA and just hung out. Hope you guys enjoyed the video and got some good laughs!
Song used: I like your suit by Ava Low
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  1. Louie's Life says

    Guess who won….. MEEEEEE OBVI!!!!!!

  2. Stephanie Guzman says

    omg I love y’all sooooo much <3

  3. Michelle Hernandez says

    Kart racing two

  4. Cindy Ramirez says

    a little fish moment :))

  5. Lyza Garay says


  6. bilinas mini says

    I love how Louie and his boyfriend were kissing each other in the cheeks and not stopping ?????

  7. Maria Martinez says

    “I hope you guys enjoyed the video and if y’all didn’t might as well give it a thumbs up because you already watched it “? ??‍♀️ love you !!!!and by the way that looks really fun !

  8. neejoy sola says

    Louie boyfriend is the type of love I need my boyfriend to give me

  9. cloudymelaniee says

    sooo i recently showed my mom your videos and everyday she gets home and says “put on Louie right now” ??. and I recently got my nails done and she’s like your gonna be like Louie with his nails ??. we love youu!!!??

  10. Noe Roman says

    Get in losers we’re going shopping aww you do not fit lol ?? love you Louie ??

  11. Ashley Lara says

    I laughed at the start?

  12. Ana Lopez says

    I was getting so happy because you were in Pasadena ??

  13. kim menjivar says

    You should do some pranks on your boyfriend

  14. Life with Marissa says

    0:11 when I’m waitress for my friend to answer her phone ??

  15. Ali Codes says

    Louie said when it was 0:09 ???

  16. Mysterious Neko says

    Love watching your videos, the best but the battest PERAAAA ever!

  17. Marely Montiel says

    Bich better do another sneaking out video with ur sis

  18. Alexandra Zamudio says

    Jajaja the last part had me cracking up ! ??

  19. dulonie sanchez says

    The last comment had me cryingggg

  20. Jeiri Vargas says


  21. xoobo vola says

    Girl why your man looks like he’s a car person when he was driving ????????

  22. Lisabeth Rosales says

    Lmao when Louie honked I thought “La Tusa” was about to start playing lmaooooo

  23. Beth Aguirre says

    I find it so cute that Fern is comfortable around the camera 🙂

  24. Blanca Rodriguez says

    I love you so much

  25. abbsnn cose says

    A little “get in losers we’re going shopping” moment❤️❤️

  26. yee m says

    I love the fact that you didn't forget about your boyfriend and you also let him drive.

  27. Ezequiel Vazquez says

    1:51 me sucking dick

  28. Anahi Fabian says

    You should make more videos whith your boyfriend

  29. Veronica V says


  30. Ginette Torres says


  31. bilishu aliss says

    Ok but seeing Louis & his boyfriend be so wholesome together is so precious ?

  32. Jessica Bocanegra says

    Louie said ???

  33. m love says

    Love u Louie ???

  34. Evelyn Rubio says

    im crying in single and in friendless. you and your boyfriend are so cute ??

  35. Nicolle Vega says

    louie went from broke bitch to you dont know who she is@

  36. Abrego Animations says

    You really said ?️??️ ??

  37. Nathaly Flores says

    hi louis i love u bitch

  38. noemi g says

    i was dying when he was washing his face HAHAH

  39. Ju S says

    Ok but seeing Louis & his boyfriend be so wholesome together is so precious ?

  40. ashlyn _.a says

    Louie: Has his lips up to the camera

    Me: dOnT bE sHy PuT sOmE mOrE?

  41. Josiee Gold says

    That try "sears" part got me lol !!???

  42. Kamila Medal says


  43. Hillary Cuevas says

    let’s appreciate how happy Louie looks with his Boyfriend ?

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