Ranked AD Thresh Top (#2) – Live Game – Season 10 League of Legends


I’m trash lmao

That said, guides and links below:
Runes – Same as guide below, quick version here:

Fleet Footwork
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Relentless Hunter


MOBAFire guide (Updated 03/05/2020) –

AD Thresh Video Guide –

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Quick note:

During the commentary I ended up saying “Would I rank up faster with any other champion, and the answer is almost certainly yes”

I don’t know why I said this, or at least, said this in this way, because I genuinely believe my Thresh top is better than a lot of other things I could pick, he is genuinely one of my best champions. To expand upon what I said, I WOULD probably get higher winrates by taking bigger, skirmishing, 1v2-5 champions like Warwick. In fact, I often pick Warwick when Thresh is banned, and do pretty damn well for much less effort than if I was Thresh.

Basically, I don’t think Thresh top is a troll pick, but the early-game-stompy meta I often see doesn’t support him as well as it would other champions like I mentioned. That’s what I think I meant to say.

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  1. Hypercat says

    that is a nice compliment from Rakan to you at 4:22 "He said you are a Thresh Toplane Legend"!

  2. Jethro Park says

    "Now for some random tags and stuff for the algorithm"


  3. Ataman says

    Neyi nerede oynadığın önemli değil, Neyi hangi eloda oynadın o önemli.

  4. Rubialex says

    Stop flexing, you got my love since minute 0

  5. Fury says

    Hello. Great video, I'll try to learn to Thresh toplane too at some point because it seems fun.

    Just wanted to let you know that when that guy said "Die Thresh toplane legende", he meant it in German. The translation is "The Thresh toplane legend", so he wasn't insulting you or telling you to die.

  6. Johnny says

    awesome clip my guy you should have more views 😉

  7. Wiz Highlight says

    The build is a bit weird, but seems fun to play!!

  8. honman XDD says

    as a thresh main, this looks interesting…might try this

  9. David R says

    You are my teacher of Thresh XD Fuffantastik

  10. Aidan K says

    I would love to see some bot lane off meta characters, like my buddy and I play Mord/Swain to be the scary claw men and stop the enemy bot laner from getting any CS.

  11. TechKnight375 Ckdk says

    IMO Grasp is amazing on thresh top into any melee match-ups, but not as good against champions that can punish your attack windup early.

  12. Ale M says

    Yes! Streams

  13. Rexafrek says

    Indeed, i use aftershock almost everygame toplane even if i go ad or tank, fleet only in matchups that tend to trade or harass a lot

  14. Thiago R. Silva says

    My buddy and I decide the winning team at the loading screen, that is the one with most and rarest skins

  15. Baby Music says


  16. Kawaii Oni :3 says

    the hud size made me hurt myself since it was so bnig

  17. Lukas B says

    YouTube randomly recommended this for. Im not even playing league anymore but im glad i watched it. Good video 🙂
    Maybe get a mouse that doesnt click as loud tho

  18. Garrett Cady says

    Hey Cryo, great video! It’s really nice to see live games so I can get a better grasp on how to play top thresh. One thing though, don’t be so hard on yourself! From the last few videos I’ve watched, you’ve been saying how your commentary has been lackluster and disappointing but I both haven’t minded and haven’t thought the commentary you’re giving is bad in the slightest. You don’t have to give a shout cast of ever game, and even if there are quiet moments in the commentary that’s expected lmao. Your videos are the ones I always come back to in order to get better at the game, and they’ve helped improve both my game sense and my outlook on the games I play. Thanks for the amazing content!

  19. Noble Society says

    This is a good video ✊?

  20. Spectator says

    Your question on how do people prepare to try and carry every game. They don't play top thresh, they plan Darius, Garen and Trynd.

  21. DESMOND123 xx says

    Can u play ap thresh?

  22. zeiton says

    We take as ad and armor correct?

  23. ReaperWrath says

    Idk if you ever Experimented with it, but whenever I happen to play AD thresh in general I really like to go Hail of Blades, I find it just so helpful, would I be better off going Fleet Footwork now though?

  24. Spectator says

    I swear that Grasp is amazing on Top thresh for the trades.

  25. Flandre Scarlet says


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