Rezball: Basketball in Lakota Nation – VICE World of Sports


Through years of federal neglect and in the midst of a cultural awakening, one sport has endured on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation: basketball.

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  1. Regina S says

    I hope he didn't go into the military.

  2. Louis Reyna says

    They should unite like the European jews.

  3. Zain Chupacabra says

    That Marty Richards guy has a super white name, looks Vietnamese, has the skin-tone of a Mexican, and is actually Native American.

  4. pacman 123 says

    If any of my indian brothers and sisters see this comment im truly sorry for the history and actions of the american people and government.

  5. Free First Nations says

    Video on preventing First Young People suicide…talks about the importance of team sports as an important factor.

  6. CeeJay Ayyeee says

    This video hit home hard. I grew up on a reservation. Sports was the only way to keep out of trouble and keep your mind occupied while everything around you starts to drift away into darkness. I was one of the fortunate ones to go and get a college education to make good on a promise to my mom. A lot of my friends became drug addicts and alcoholics and a lot of them got affiliated with local gangs. I moved back to the reservation to make a difference. Volunteer coaching and helping clean the community is all I can do to make a difference but the struggle is imbedded in is all. I wish all these young men nothing but the best and all of the youth coming up. Much love my brothers and sisters.

  7. billion billz_ says

    If you take and don’t return then it’s only action and reaction for karma to follow. In 2020, and probably the following years, we will see all the karma/reaction as that’s only fair/physics.

  8. Werrify says

    i can hear sonic in the background

  9. Axel Stiffarm says

    Natives can ball i just hate to see my natives like that

  10. iamalejandrocaceres says

    I wonder what happened to marty

  11. rock n roll says

    Marty Richards is cute

  12. mothafuckathomaselliot says

    God I hope the culture,the people and the places stay alive, forever.

  13. Delighted mango says

    I am 50% Native American,, when I first heard about the rez I was saddened and upset….

  14. Neon Dubz says

    I'm here cus English class

  15. John BringsYellow says

    MY HOME! ✊ ❤️

  16. Javito Panchito says


  17. Justen CrazyHawk says

    Owékinahaŋš wauŋȟpaničapi, eyaš čhaŋteuŋt'iŋzapi!

  18. Pugiron says

    Lakota: the Black Hills were stolen from us by force!
    How did you get it?
    Lakota: We stole it from the Cheyenne, Crow, Kiowa and Pawnee by force!

  19. Master King Lee says

    The Lakota national anthem song sounds much more spiritual and emotional

  20. GlizzyBuilds says

    much love to them

  21. Codycos says

    I think the Sioux native americans are genetically very good runners. Kind of like how certain ethnicityies like Kenyans dominate marathons, this particular group of native americans can be great runners.

  22. Jonathan Benejan says

    I’m Taino and I say all natives and indigenous people should get together and start a revolution, let’s start a civil war and take back what is ours. They did it to us with no guilt or shame.

  23. Xavi Jay Sanchez says

    That's Robert, from the Diane Sawyer special report

  24. Kira Kira says

    Yoooo it’s my man Robert ?. I went to red cloud for a while then I moved into the city then FL. I love my people! I miss the Rez sm, my family.

  25. Cryst4tZ Gamez says

    bruh tf u mean poorest place in america everyone there got drip better drip than me

  26. galactic-visitor Etxavarria says

    Inspiring story!!!.How much,WE ,the NOT American People,feel respect & admiration,by the People of all The Native American Nations.Once,I went to visit a Native Reservation,and I bought a couple pair of moccasin there.I went back to my country,wore them,and wherever I went,everybody liked them very much.So I think,It`s time,President Trump and the U.S.A. in general,must prevent the exodus of American Companies & their jobs opportunities to China, and they better provide the Lakota & other Native Nations,of the so needed, decent & better Job Opportunities.Whatever they manufacture,-(far better if it`s like foods,clothing,shoes or electronic devices-(With the "Made in U.S.A." logo on it)-,something that people from any other part of the world be willing to buy,and of course,will buy it!!)- GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!, SO, GOD BLESS THE LAKOTA NATION TOO!!!. 🙂 !!!.I LOVE THE LAKOTA PEOPLE!!! 🙂 !!!.

  27. Samurai Romeo says

    can I join??

  28. Doorkicker505 says

    Damn ! They're good !!

  29. Roger Unknown says

    Umm… move . Don’t give me that culture and tradition crap. Take your babies away from that hell . Give them a decent chance at life. The addiction , suicide and unemployment rates are a death sentence to those youth .
    Or …. be a statistic keeping it “real”

  30. Angelina Janis says

    Oglala Lakota ❤️?

  31. Charles Martel says

    Thats Robert Looks Twice!!!!! He was on Children of the Plains!

  32. Hershey A says

    Love it how our troops killed all these people in 98 sad ? how the whites been killing generations of people not just in America but all over the world ? than makes sound crazy

  33. Tiffany Parrish says

    Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. I played rezball on the Navajo nation, moved off the rez to the bigger city by playing college women’s basketball. Now, I’m coaching giving back to the youth in my hometown by encouraging them to become strong Navajo women. It is a culture shock but if I did it, anyone from the rez can do it, don’t ever settle for less. Good luck to rez ballers that desire and want to leave the rez!

  34. Austin Xen says

    I'm going to use my money from being a basketball player to spend for the native tribes across America I don't care even if I get broke.

  35. Todd ZiLLa says

    Robert Looks Twice

  36. Alexa Wolf says

    Omg Robert Looks Twice! I didnt even recognise him!! He has grown into a real handsome young man!!

  37. Nikko Burch says

    May the CREATOR AND GRAND FATHER watch over our NATIVE YOUTH, Good view of our Youth making a difference on the REZ…

  38. Alex Tanas says

    this was so well done.

  39. Tony Yim says

    One of the best Vice video I've ever seen. Great storytelling. A simple basketball game reflects a mighty dream. Loved it.

  40. Jojo heartspaypay says

    Still here
    This is good

  41. Ezra Leslie says

    I hope so Lakota friends. Wishing you and your people prosperity into the deep future, there's much your cultures can teach America's other inhabitants. Stay strong and stay committed ??

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