Rich Gang ft. Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan – Lifestyle (Official Video)


Rich Gang feat. Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan – Lifestyle

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  1. Karma Walker says

    Who listening in 2020..

  2. Chinelo Nwobodo says

    Greatest song till date‼️

  3. Geo celio Cienfuegos says

    One….from the valley Gg!

  4. Jake says

    this shit a classic, great music video

  5. Christian Rodriguez says
  6. ADIL 23 says

    Niggas in 2014:???? ????

  7. Tyric.Phillips says

    This song got my grandma through Brest cancer for 2 1/2 years. Rest easy????❤️

  8. Suleman Taibani says

    I ain’t go aids but i swear ill bleed ????

  9. Jeff Vader says

    Young Thug’s parents waiting for his first words.

  10. AZR Mrlahey says


  11. Kian Naicker says

    Idc what anyone says, this is the new national anthem

  12. Derrick Key says


  13. Mike Johns says

    Mumble thug ???? my life style

  14. Victoria Lawless says

    Afta has jazz

  15. Eric Bates says

    Very recommended tho this shii was heat and still is ????

  16. Kylan Clark says

    yo was that a dude at 0:30 ????

  17. Nut Butter says

    My man speaking Minecraft enchantment table.

  18. Cordele Georgia says

    Million 5 on a Visa card ..100 bands stuffed look like sum fuckin tods..nigga serving great white like I’m feeding sharks #barz

  19. Lukas_Neher 20254054 says
  20. Tom says

    Man if aliens came to invade earth we know who got the negotiations..

  21. Kevin Michel says

    How come this haven’t hit a billion views!!!????

  22. lucas chill says
  23. Firminion says

    Young thug was speaking the enchantment table language

  24. Yxng Scholar says

    he not rappin in cursive..its thuginese

  25. Summer Combs says

    Cool ????

  26. aaaaaaaaa4564564 says


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