Road racing set for Isle of Wight debut in 2021!


The #DiamondRaces will take place on a 12.4-mile road racing course on the Isle of Wight in October 2021 with two blocks of #superbike, #supersport and supertwin classes on one race day.

In this episode of Torqueing Heads, we spoke to three from the organising team, James Kaye, Gary Thompson and Steve Plater to get the lowdown on how the idea was conceived, where the circuit goes and what the plans are for spectator engagement.

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  1. COLIN GRIMES says

    Looking forward to it, will be great for the island , just hope lasts longer than the motocross .

  2. Destination mobileone says

    James has lived here for 15 years and believes the island roads are good shape lol. My guess would be, he drives to the ferry port most days, leaves the island then drives back to his home on the same stretch of road. I will bet good money his home here is his holiday homes, meaning his stay is short every time, maybe a year in total out of the 15. Most of the properties that are of any value are holiday homes, villages dead no shops no post office Yarmouth being one. Bembridge another and so on and so on. Now I could be very wrong, And if I am I would ask James what drought him hear in the first place? Would that be the Isle is a chilled out quiet place. Family are safe, no hussel and bussel. As if its not bad enough with the festivals clogging up the road. Bikes are already coming over in numbers during this lock down. Fucking nutters most I've seen so far.. I should know the difference between good drivers and bad, I'm on two wheels myself, not like most that are on one wheel as they pass my workshop on the main road to Yarmouth. What can I say we were never asked. Reason being if we had been the answer would have been NO!

  3. James Peacock says

    Will this be annually?

  4. Gary Staff says

    I love to see this on the island a I hope it happens

  5. Brian Dear says

    Live on the Isle of Wight and ride my Suzuki GT750 along Military road as often as possible…The road has just been resurfaced 200mph will be no problem…

  6. Luke McConnell says

    Looking forward to this new road race, hopefully it will bring more – new people into motorbike racing etc.

  7. Ford Driver says

    So good to see these decisions approved in 2020 for what will no doubt be a truly superb event. It also gives us Aussies another reason & a slightly cheaper one, to come to the UK besides the TT. Good luck to all involved putting it together, fantastic, well done.

  8. Harry Turner Project says

    I'm not getting too excited until it actually happens….remember the Circuit of Wales?

  9. Terry Brooks says

    Straight after Isle of Man in June October weather would be dodgy.hope it happens ?

  10. Rob H says

    Great idea, just hope it's not like the Welsh TT!

  11. George Evans says

    Best news of 2020 if you sivv through enough sh*t youl find a golden nugget, I aspire to race here too

  12. Mike Wright says

    Hopefully it goes ahead on the island too many busybodies retired don't want anything fun to ever happen we had one of the best motocross tracks in the country in Arreton until people put a stop to it

  13. andy rawlings says

    good news for road racing will be going if it goes ahead.

  14. Hippo-Drones says

    This is so awesome… am already looking at booking a campsite 🙂

  15. Richard Pearson says

    Great video stay safe ????

  16. rob 091173 says

    Will there be a direct sailing from Ireland to IOW or will it mean 2 crossings (expensive) Rosslare to Pembroke, ride down to Portsmouth & ferry over to IOW. I'd imagine ferry company will up the price of crossing to IOW for races. Also, October is well dodgy weather wise. Bloody hell July is dodgy in current climate.

  17. Gambo916 says

    This sounds fantastic…..but then so did the Welsh TT and The Circuit of Wales….both of which were announced with a similar fanfare, but unfortunately ended up as being non-starters. I sincerely hope this venture doesn't go the same way, and leave everyone feeling disappointed.

  18. Mark Johnson says

    Thank you Michael, James, Steve and Gary. What an exciting prospect! A lot of work without question but great to have such a relatively early and detailed insight as to progress thus far. ✊?

  19. Martin Cockings says

    wow my family has be going on holiday to isle of wight for years i stoped going got board but i defo going next year isle of wight has some great roads

  20. Motorcycle Squid says

    This is without a doubt the best bit of news so far for 2020 ?

  21. Colin Coleman says

    Wow can not believe my ears this sounds like the best thing to happen to the isle of Wight for a very long time indeed, this event will support the island at a time it desperately needs all the help it can get, my honeymoon was on the isle of Wight and have nothing but great memories from child up to adult let's hope this event does take place what a brilliant idea well done you isle of Wight what a fantastic place.

  22. Paul Jones says

    This is fabulous news. I've very fond memories of the south of the isle. School trip holiday and then taking my boys multiple times over the years. I'll be touring down to watch this and stay on for some reminiscing for sure.
    Hoping everyone attending is respectful.

  23. Manx 1 says

    Sounds great, I would like to see two days of racing, Fri-Sat. With the race being in October, you don't know what the weather will do, delays etc. Apparently the Friday is an alternative race day, so if there is a bad forecast for Saturday they can bring the race day forward to Friday. Also if it is a time trial, will the bikes be set off at 5 or 10 second intervals? With the course only being 12 miles, doesn't that mean you can only have 25-30 bikes at 10 second intervals

  24. Mook says

    I'm in Southampton so this would be great!

  25. robert dyer says

    when I first heard of this I thought fantastic then I realised there putting it on in the winter for fucks sake.

  26. Rob BikeBob says

    All very exciting but I got very excited about the Welsh Road Races and bought my ticket and look what happened to that! I love road racing, but for people in the north of the country it's a long way to go for one day of racing.

  27. Andy Williams says

    Wonder if it will be a starter, like the Welsh TT?

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