Robert Downey Jr. REVEALS Why Dolittle Was 'Nice Shift' Post-Marvel | Full Interview


ET’s Nischelle Turner spoke with the ‘Dolittle’ cast about bringing the laughs, and Downey revealed why this was his first movie after Marvel. ‘Dolittle’ hits theaters Jan. 17.

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  1. Tristyn Sepersky says

    WHAT is Michael’s secret talent??? How dare you ma’am

  2. aleksandra kettner says


  3. My Account says

    Robert looks at his co stars when he answers. Weird

  4. Lobo Guará says

    I love Robert Downey Jr. with all my heart.

  5. TheTraffic247 says

    Robert Downey and John cena, just imagine having them as hangout buddies. That's a party! ?

  6. Issey says

    Ok but can we get an Iron man/Aziraphale/Doug Judy/John Cena (let's be honest, he'd be himself) movie now?

  7. Issey says

    I only came to see Michael and got lowkey disappointed.

  8. Timmy-joël says

    I love the blue shoes.

  9. Monsi Time says

    Iron Man vs the office ?? jk lol

  10. Steve Green says

    “Nice shift”? Reviews imply it’s utter shift.

  11. Dre Cudi says

    Why is there a space between Craig and Michael and who is John?? ?

  12. Marissa Smith says

    Wtf, just gonna ignore Michael Sheen then? -_-

  13. Endangered Mexican says

    Wtf RDJ and Cena in the same room ????never thought this day would come

  14. Marie Foose says

    Anyone else notice that Michael Sheen didn't really get to say much of anything…? 😮

  15. Hosoi Archives says

    No one will watch this

  16. Elly Ludemann says

    I cant believe that the interviewer just dropped the conversation right after Downey said he could tap dance a little… i was hoping she'd ask to see.
    He probably learned to tap dance from Chris Evans

  17. Dez Prez says

    Why did they leave an empty space in the middle?

  18. Soham Paul says

    Somebody throw this guy an Oscar

  19. Carlito Trinidad Jr. says

    For Marvel Cinematic Universe related discussion, go to 4:30

    You're welcome…

  20. EMMY JaY says

    John Cena and Robert Downey Jr in the same movie… Count me in!

  21. Yui Utada says

    Why does it looks like Robert Downey Jr. is little compared to his other companions? Probably the chair? Or is it his posture?

  22. Critix tv says

    Notice how Downey speaks to everyone in the room even when the question only applies to him. #Teamplayer

  23. Megan Thomas says

    I honestly can't believe Michael and Robert are in the same room together. It's so cool

  24. Nikolaj Riis says


  25. Perry the Platypussy Destroyer says

    Damn Doug Judy really living that honest life

  26. Jennifer Hemmingway says

    At least Tom Holland is still with RDJ

  27. Twisting Dervole says

    That's good to hear, that he was able to tackle on a lighter material, even if it wasn'y crafted well.

    At least he got to reunite with Tom Holland

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