Roblox games that were made for literal babies


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Today I play Paw patrol games and other games that were made for a much younger audience lol

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  1. Mate Chikaidze says

    0:45 actual fun ?

  2. zerotwo says
  3. Kolmax Hyper says

    0:45 i hope that is ice age baby

  4. zerotwo says


  5. Millie Akiba says


  6. Wizard Blizzard says

    i hate ryan toys review

  7. Chloe RuedaTOH says

    When unipink1314 was me and I was a noob (still am) ???- I’m just really mad that I wasn’t watching flamingo for 2 months and I didn’t say hi.

  8. Tesamae Padon says


  9. Miranda Goff says

    Don't have children

  10. Max Pope says


  11. MacNCheezeBoy Gaming says

    *happy music and slow motion*
    Uni girl: jumps
    Albert: =O
    Uni girl: makes the jump
    Albert: YOU DID IT!
    Uni girl: YES I CAN'T BELIEVE I M—–
    Albert: Now go dO iT aGaIn ??????

  12. Go Crazy says

    I just imagined Ryan’s toys reviews watching this video

  13. Lilli Faustmann says

    Albert randomly pulls out hammer
    Of him rom

  14. Peter Farrar says


  15. Nga Man Lo says

    My name is owenpopstar1106

  16. Nga Man Lo says

    Pls be my friend in roblox

  17. kids marion says

    And there will be the backside of the freaking hammer ??????????????????☺️???????

  18. kids marion says

    This literally so funny I love teaching my kids to play Roblox and if they do it wrong I rip their face off with a hammer

  19. Chanelle Dillard says

    Why do you own a hammer to be honest

  20. boom gamersam says

    i started plaing when i was 3

  21. Gaming Alex says

    My little cousin named Amir he has 24,000 ROBUX and plays Roblox

  22. Aquatis says

    1:22 i love how when you search ryan toy review you get tower defense simulator: a strategy game which needs you to think hard, not for teens, obviously for 2 – 3 year olds

  23. Jose Ortega says

    Paw patrol is deleting the police dog because of the racism and you know what else so ye haha noobs

  24. Saldy Salayon says

    The baby why????

  25. Orian and DJ Playz says

    its kinda sad how u dont know if someone actually has a mental disorder like dislexia or cancer like u dont know like if there rp ing with a disorder it might not be fake

  26. DD Dot says

    " iM eXtRa SpItTy ToDaY "

  27. ronnie lohr says


  28. Amadee Ambrosio says


  29. Maya Monteiro says

    My “friend” THAT I HATE he watches Ryan’s toy review and he is 8

  30. Andy Ayala says

    I have a lil dum nugget rat Roblox xd and I grab a rpg and put the rpg in the face

  31. Juan Roblox says

    Ah yes, baby's aren't real

  32. hi I’m hi says

    I was watching this while my baby brother was in my room watching paw patrol.. he said
    “that scary” and changed the show to Puppy Dog Pals.

  33. Lucy’s Lazy Land says

    Hey flamingo! It’s my, Unipink1314. Literally, from the video. This happened just this morning, and I let my little sister play on my phone. I am actually a very good parkour master.i’m literally honored you put me in my your video! TYSM!!!
    (Also my little sister after that happened said to me, and I quote,”Lucy, I thwink dat this game is bad or someting cuz I can’t jump and how do I do it me is confuzlled.”)

  34. Jobo The Pika says

    I was watching a video on 2x speed and when I watched this video he was talking really weird O_O lol

  35. Haidarah Darwish says

    My brother join and he start cring bc they kill him XD☄?

  36. Avoocadoo ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says

    OH wow, my little brother was just playing a paw patrol game-

  37. Avoocadoo ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says

    I see flamingo merch
    I want it
    I tell my parents
    Their answer:
    Me: BuT I bUt aAaAaA

  38. Sercan Ülger says

    So u kill ur channel?

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