Santiago Bernabeu ? 8 Times Messi and BARCA Humiliated Real Madrid – HD


8 Times Messi and BARCA Humiliated Real Madrid – HD
8 Times Messi and BARCA Humiliated Real Madrid – HD
8 Times Messi and BARCA Humiliated Real Madrid – HD

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  1. Smitha smithabiju says


  2. Anish toppo says

    Messi best player in the universe ❤❤❤

  3. Md Jabed says

    "Here is messi, away from 2,3,4 wonderful wonderful wonderful. How good is he. "

  4. BIMAL says

    seriously i dont want to think that way but valvarde was very best against real madrid?

  5. Ashik TK says


  6. Parviz Babazade says

    Great video! But what about 1-3 when Alexis, Xavi and Cesc scored for Barcelona. Also 0-2 in 2010 La Liga when Messi and Pedro scored both from Xavi assists. And not to forget 0-3 of 2006, Messi was also there. So it is probably 10!!! , not 8 after Guardiola Era.

  7. Hermila Garcia Cruz says

    Ya lo dijo "lobo Carrasco" en el Bernabeu, Messi juega como en el patio de su casa. Jajajajaja

  8. Forhadur Rahman Chy says

    Messi Messi Messi Messi

  9. Aceng' Dm says

    Rlm?? Brc??

  10. Naming Jabel says

    Fair play please. Don't kick Messi's legs. He makes cross sign after scoring. God bless him ?

  11. Ade Warman says

    Ronaldo has bad player,, he's not player football but a player dyfing

  12. Erick Kurniawan says

    King ??????????
    Salam From Barca and Leo Messi Fans INDONESIAN

  13. Hyder Razvi says

    What about 5-0 at camp nou 2010? Greatest game ever

  14. Spider Beast668 says

    Barca’s playground ???

  15. Adrian Pereira says

    Christian Ronaldo should be ashamed of himself if even compares himself to Messi. Ronaldo was nothing but a goal scorer who had to be spoon fed to score a goal

  16. Javier Oropesa says

    MESSI..el es chillon. No es payaso no se. tira en el area y llora por un penal.

  17. hector69ize says

    El mejorcito Barcelona de todos los tiempos destrozando y humillando al RM una y otra y otra y otra y otra vez y detrás de todas las victorias se encuentra el verdugo del RM, su mero Padre, el que realmente tiene los cojones para humillar al RM. Lionel Messi. ????

  18. Khaled Coraiem says

    this is your playground and this is my goals

  19. Nibaran Chakma says

    This match Ronaldo nothing changes to penalty that's why he can't score when he got penalty he will be score that's why he's name is Penaldo

  20. Sk Nazibul Hossain says

    I'm very pleased to watch this video.
    Thank you

  21. Arnab Saha says


  22. Kenin Espino says

    Can't win even with 2 bookkeepers???

  23. WERNER BROSs says

    Iniesta is A LeGeNd

  24. Mey Haqim says

    Keep improving madrid.tq barcelona.?

  25. Sumit Kumar says

    "Away from 2 3 4 wonderful wonderful wonderful"

  26. Thapelo Gumbi says

    The only Ronaldo goal i see here is a penalty lol yet they say he destroyed Barca

  27. M moraiS says

    Messi és mejor del Planet.

  28. essa khan says

    Great video sherAli ?

  29. GRIZ MESS says

    Messi The G.O.A.T.????

  30. Rami Style says


  31. Negib Khalef says

    Here's Messi, away from two three four wonderful wonderful wonderful. How good is he? A near-supernatural goal from Lionel Messi. He has wriggled and tiptoed his way to the gates of the Wembley Stadium. He's just brilliant. Best player in the world by none. Whilst there are a lot of players who are content with one-nil, keeping the ball, keeping possession every time he's had it in the last 10 or 15 minutes he still wants more he is looking for more.

  32. Pes player- Ahmed Mohammed says

    Messi at bernabeu is unstoppable

  33. Unmasked Vlog says

    Messi is always the best from Ronaldo

  34. 3 Stars says

    "Its humiliating for Real Madrid,Its heaven for Barcelona"

  35. 3 Stars says

    Messi and Ronaldo are both the best but when Messi played vs Ronaldo the difference was seen most times

  36. Ayaan Rizvi says

    SANTIAGO BERNALEO- MESSI’s and BARCA’s Playground ? ?

  37. Willian Guimaraes says

    26 Gols Contra O Real Madrid
    15 No Santiago Bernabeu
    11 No Camp Nou

  38. Willian Guimaraes says

    O Jogo Da Champions League 2011 Esse Foi Lendário Pra Mim Melhor Atuação Da Carreira Do Messi

  39. Willian Guimaraes says

    Santiago Bernaleo

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