SERBIA WILL SURPRISE YOU! Belgrade First Impressions | Serbia Travel Vlog


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Serbia… wow! Didn’t expect we’d be in Belgrade making travel vlogs if you asked us a few years ago, but here we are, and we LOVE Belgrade! This place is an amazing, and very underrated, travel destination – let us show you why.

In this vlog we sort of cover both our initial impressions of Belgrade, how we feel about Serbia, our surprises and then at the end wrap it up after we’ve stayed for 2 weeks in Serbia. Theres lots of things to do in Belgrade – we visit the Fortress, explore a cute park, find an amazing restaurant scene, scope out the nightlife spots, eat some local(ish) food, check out the shopping scene and try some local craft beer.

First impressions last, or so they say, and it’s true for Belgrade. How we felt on the first day is exactly how things stayed a few weeks later – it’s amazing! We also took a road trip to Novi Sad for the day with friends, another popular spot in Serbia, but we weren’t filming that day sorry.

Moral of the story – consider places like Serbia, cities like Belgrade, locations that the masses don’t always chat about and share online. These are the cities and experiences we love, places like Belgrade are why we travel – hidden gems that we get to experience, travel, vlog and share with you… thanks us later.

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  1. Daneger and Stacey says

    How epic is Belgrade?! This place is everything we hoped for AND more… Highly recommend you check it out if you ever get the chance.
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  2. abuzar ali says

    I am Pakistani but I love Serbia so so so much. I will visit Belgrade in 2021????????????

  3. Don Fisher says

    Serbia will take slovenia
    It is our country. Croatia is also serbian land.our King lived there until Greek Prince killed him. We serbs hate Croatia and slovenia Big serbia ???????? ????

  4. Mario Kepka says


  5. 2msvalkyrie says

    I love Serbia / Belgrade .! History , Culture and people are fascinating .
    And very patriotic . ! It's different from anywhere else in boring Western Europe
    and I hope it can stay that way .

  6. Fedja Drobnjak says

    At 10:46 that's the mafia

  7. madeinlg says

    More than ever before I want to visit such places / countries but I can’t cause of covid ????

  8. Anja Mijajlovic says

    Places i recomend: zvezdarska suma, avala, zemunski kej, ada huja, kalemegdan, šveb (bela stena), ostrvo lidl, ada ciganlija, 25.maj….

  9. Greta Gashi says


  10. Jarrod Yuki says

    join nato and eu please.

  11. Lucian Voicu says

    Love Serbia from Romania ???????? best food warm people❤️❤️

  12. Chatsworth1979 says

    Nice vid, like the style, almost like your viewers are tagging along as personal friends. Thanks!

  13. marco casillas says


  14. Hypatia TV says

    2:30 Belgrade fortress was build 279 BC by Roman emperor Iustinian i think?.
    17 roman emperros was born on teritory of today Serbia.
    The greatest of all is Constantine(Constantinopole, today Istanbul).
    Constantine was born in "Naisus", today "Niš" or "Nish".

    Kalemegdan Park and the Fortress

    Coordinates 44°49′24″N 020°27′01″ECoordinates: 44°49′24″N 020°27′01″E

    Type Fortress

    Area 66 ha (160 acres)

    Site information

    Owner City of Belgrade

    Operator JKP Beogradska Tvrđava

    Open to

    the public Yes


    Site history

    Built 279 BC

    Built by Justinian I (reconstructed in 535)

    Stefan Lazarević (reconstructed in 1403)

    Nicolas Doxat de Démoret (reconstructed 1723–36)

    Materials Stone

    Battles/wars 1440, 1456, 1521, 1688, 1690, 1717, 1739, 1789, 1806.

  15. Lazar Bankovic says

    Немате си појма

  16. Ducky Curry says

    Serbia is super beautiful!

  17. Jenna Bonnichsen says

    Cool! What was the smoking culture like there? What kind of experience would it be like for a nonsmoker?

  18. Richard Stajic says

    Let me correct you Serbian food is original other countries copied from us lol

  19. Milan Ra says

    what brands of sunglasses are you wearing? tnx

  20. sunwalkstanley says

    You should've visited Novi Sad as well ????

  21. mb mb says


  22. Rockie 82 says

    What ethinicity is Stacey? She looks like a slim Kardashian, I'm guessing like Armenia?

  23. Bora Stankovic says

    Svima je Srbija lepa osim nama Srbima !? Why ?

  24. Nenad Cubric says

    Regards from Australia

  25. Dragan Costacurta says

    U should go to Leskovac then they have bbq festival in september….a lot of food!!!

  26. Marina Vranic says

    Hi from Serbia.. I live in village name is Baranda South Banat and 41 kilometres from Belgrade. Little touristic place. Who want visiting always can visit. Write me messages

  27. M Vuletic says

    surrounding countries got influenced by SERBIA

  28. Janko Djordjevic says

    Ja sam iz Srbije????????

  29. Nikola Gale Galović says

    You cannot see Serbia for real without a local to show you. And just seeing Belgrade isn't enough.

  30. Matthew says

    Kaki vam je, jer ja tamo ceo zivot zivim

  31. Dina Sarac says

    You shoul visit a historic place near Gornji Milanovac called Takovo. ????

  32. Cogi says

    a burned tyrant a Serb bites like a piranha=spaljena Tirana Srbin grize ko pirana

  33. Bogdana Alimpić says

    Thanks for coming here. Hope this corona thing is gonna over soon. Stay safe!

  34. Zainab Agri says

    This is my best country

  35. Zainab Agri says

    Nice i also want to take a tour around the world with one of the youtpowers

  36. Jason Bane says

    The park you waIked through at the beginning of the video used to be the area where the Turks wouId impaIe peopIe on stakes in earIy 19th century to scare the popuIation. The Turks were based in the fortress, and this area was just outside the fortress.

  37. Andre Noble says

    Why did you bring that American woman with you to Eastern Europe? "Never bring a bag lunch to a buffet."

  38. Cvetin Arsenovic says

    You miss, the nightlife, other wonders of the Belgrade. Next time, try 3 days vacation. You need to visit the Tesla Museum, the Temple of Saint Sava, the last domestic Candy shop in Belgrade. Also Avala tower, lots of other museums, and Vinca culture site. Belgrade was destroyed 44 times, and seen 115 wars in 7000-year-old history!

  39. Russell says

    I'm headed to Belgrade in August. Can't wait after this COVID-19 thingy. Two weeks of pleasure. Thanks for giving me some ideas of what to do.

  40. MeriNiko says

    You did not say much about the people there, are the Serbs villains as they say? People make a country, not the buildings

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