[SFM] Can't Be Erased (JT Machinima/Music) – Bendy and the Ink Machine Rap


Song by JT Music –
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Animated by Coda

CONTACT EMAIL: CodaAnim@gmail.com

Video usage guidelines:
ALLOWED IF YOU GIVE PROPER CREDIT (Links in the description, etc):
– Using my animation in your cover of the original song, english or in another language is fine
– Reaction videos
– “Compilation” videos in terms of like top 10s and stuff

– Videos where you obscure/blur/try to hide the watermark. It’s there for a reason.
– Videos where you add subtitles for the lyrics, in english or any other. Youtube has a feature that allows you to submit subtitles onto people’s videos and it is enabled on every one of my videos which I manage often. If you want to translate my video, then submit it through that and I’ll approve it as soon as I can.
– Straight re-uploads to the original without anything changed.

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  1. STUDIO SPRIN - Jerry R. says

    I really gotta say dude, this is you best work yet. Everything looks great!

  2. AMC NPD2 says

    Omg i like this music so much but…
    I like alice music too but…
    I like them both
    This music is so awesome, amazing, cool???❤️

  3. Trey1587 says

    Weird song

  4. expo belleza says

    Que estupidez, ahora los demonios de tintas cantan, y ademas no tiene ritmo y ahora pusieron un viejo ahi todo feisimo como si fuera henry, enserio nesesitan mejorar mas la cancion, el video y el ritmo.?

  5. MOH ? says

    "mickey might have been murdered here"
    Me: YES FINNALL- i mean- o no so sad-

  6. lool o says

    Soy el único que habla español ._.

  7. Laura Ramirez says


  8. Carlos Silva says


  9. Carlos Silva says

    Que tal

  10. withered clone sonic says

    Back before super horror bro had the story under controll

  11. Aiden D says

    Watching this 2020 cuz yes

  12. k1n9 s14y3r says


  13. Cheveru Segura says


  14. XXItzHarlyHereXX says

    How is it that 2 years ago when I first listened to this song I couldn’t sing any of it but now 2 years later I can sing EVERY WORD PERFECTLY? IM SHOOK! IM SO SHOOK!

  15. Emmanuel Henri Giroux élève says

    Dude the voice is amazing

  16. Emmanuel Henri Giroux élève says

    I love that animations it looks so realistic

  17. NateAcko the golden Sniper says
  18. DreamBreak says

    Henry Is A Big Stranger Who Wanna Do Math's

  19. Ирка erase girl says


  20. golden smile says

    Bendy had been alone all those years he deserved to kill

  21. Yolanda Velez says


  22. Ashley says


  23. lil flix says

    I love it

  24. Adhyakasa utama tobing wsowsks says


  25. Adhyakasa utama tobing wsowsks says


  26. Yaretsi Carrillo says

    My old best friend showed me this when i was still at my old school, and we always would listen to bendy songs instead of doing homework and schools work and me and him would always get in trouble, i wish i could see him again..

  27. Crazy Comic Studios says

    Hay everyone go subscribe to the random man channle

  28. Sherry Santacruz says


  29. Lauren Lestrange says

    That Bendy pumpkin is defying gravity

  30. Gacha fan000 says

    Better than the original? I love it

  31. Dale Taylor says


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