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Our Shanghai Travel Guide! It’s finally here, thanks for being so patient everyone. And thanks to our friends at Cathay Pacific for partnering with us on our Shanghai episode and the rest of Season 3 as we discover a #LifeWellTravelled – find out more at

Shanghai is an intense city on all levels. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the stories, Shanghai rewards the curious traveller around every corner. We spent 5 days exploring this incredible city and we can’t wait to get back.

Thanks to Kyle from UnTour Food Tours for showing us around Shanghai’s incredible food scene. Check them out at

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  2. waqas ahmed says

    you missed all the major tourist attractions, the TV tower, the shanghai tower, the ferry ride, the international arena, the disney land…. night views from the-bund….. shanghai deserved more!!

  3. waqas ahmed says

    once you leave shanghai, master and visa doesnt work at all. only at 5 star or big malls. not even at mcdonalds or international food chains. thats one of the biggest problem in china. we can also not make wechat account as foreigners are not allowed to open bank accounts on short visas.

  4. Kimberly J. Acceus says

    Very accurate information, listen to everything this man says! Lived there for a couple years and it's ever-changing bustling energy feels a another world!????

  5. 在下梓睿 says

    2:34 后面是庆祝中国共产党成立95周年????

  6. 레자바지 says

    Ni maiyo mama

  7. Chicago galaxy says

    Man this city is massive

  8. Nikhilesh Bhandari says

    Track name ?

  9. Adiba says

    Like My video and subscribe also at Shanghai tower china????

  10. Kwinxz says

    that city is very very nice but the communist party is not right

  11. Rich says

    Can you guys fix the video it does not play anymore. It prompted with errors.

  12. 2prize says

    you gonna bring out the most sexpat looking ass out here?

  13. sdu0072001 says

    Many years ago Shanghai is Shanghai. Now days Shanghai is China. So sad.

  14. Emily Huang says

    Hey I live in Hong Kong

  15. Shifan LONG says

    yeah, JIANBING is the best! ????

  16. YouTube заметки Olga She says
  17. Linda Wijaya says

    Jesus Christ loves Shanghai. Jesus Christ is Lord. He cares about you. Come to the Lord Jesus Christ

  18. Ismu Pogi says

    No good, the country that spread CORONAVIRUS!

  19. lucas walasek says

    What if your a Lower middle class Canadian and can’t spend more than 3,000 Canadian on a trip ?

  20. Syarip Hidayatullah says

    Coronavirus country

  21. アソコ・デラックス says

    Nobody wants to go to such a dirty country

  22. Silvia Wren says

    YAY!???? I'd like to share, Shanghai-centric brand ShanghaiMemories???? started shipping globally. Order your t-shirt NOW! –

  23. Coconut boy says

    people mistake the whole country as a stupid and not safe, but china has security cameras everywhere and is so high tech

  24. Zumba Gwada Love says

    Trump fucked up everything unfortunately!!

  25. STEFAN XHUNGA says

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  26. Daniel Zhang says

    Hey Alex, I'm planning a trip in late oct-early nov. how much RMB should i budget for food per day?

  27. Tender Turd says


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