Should I Give Up Computer Science If I Find It Hard?


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  1. Eman Salah says

    Thanks from Egypt

  2. Sel A says

    great to know…. I am slow but good 😀

  3. arjun sharma says

    hi i am self educator so i roam around youtube to learn like coursera and all my studies got drop long ago its been year now but i always had interest in computers, so i started now to know about them istarted everything at same networking computer-science but but all is happening is it confuses me tell me what steps i can actually take to know about networks linkux windows how everythimg works how i can give code it works according to me and how algorithms help me ??

  4. Drogsux Icaris says

    The more you do something the better you get at it, and the better you are at something the more you will like to do it. Don't give up, go all the way, and at the end if it wasn't for you, you 'll still have pretty good skills that will help you in what ever you choose.

  5. A lot of jobs are in front of a computer, at least CS leads to a good paying one.

  6. Charles Devine says

    Heh 69 dislikes

  7. fgfgfgf drtduud says

    If there's one thing that kills motivation it's bosses. Feature creep, unrealistic expectations, management guys who never programmed in their life thinking they know how to do your job and that everything is 'easy'.

  8. al.e123 iis says

    4 years ago I saw thsi video and was very fearful and didnt think I wasn't smart enough… going to graduate in 2 weeks secured a solid job with a 3.7 gpa. Guys beleive in ourself give it ur all, it's going to be hard, but just dont give up keep going.. if u spend 50 hours to do a homework assignment and u only get 50%.. congrats be proud of that.. hey I did that last week. Jeep going

  9. sandile13809 says

    i hate it but im afraid im going to regret it if i leave the profession. Im a sophomore in college, please help idk what to do

  10. Z says

    I have an Information Security degree and the 1st half was networking, servers, AD, pen testing and everything else. The 2nd part was hell SQL but not in a easy way, Java, Python, HTML, UX, UX, dynamic routing, objects, functions, callbacks, algorithm design, testing, implementation all 100% working code and product. Most Information Security degrees mimic Information Systems 100% so it was hard. But after 3 years I have gotten really god at it but I still don't know everything. And learning a new language when you already become proficient in at least 3 of them gets harder and harder so choose your language carefully.

  11. Chris Lea-Alex says

    I'm erm, more than 30. My preference is definitely coding vs I.T. Can I start this s**t now, or is that just a little bit silly?

  12. Dark Phoenix says

    Does it give money?

  13. Nichole B says

    Damn Im the second one.

  14. Ash Fernandes says

    I don't give a fuck. I just want to pass something. I've failed every single computer science paper I've taken in the last two years, only passing general education papers such as geography and philosophy – courses that actually sound interesting.

  15. Raminta Urbonavičiūtė says

    I needed to hear it. I am quite slow to learn, but I really like programming

  16. Prajwol Graphics TV says

    Yes u r right

  17. Samanh I says

    Thank you!
    You said that IT and CS are combelitely different can u please make a video about differences?

  18. Bob Bob says

    Most people would struggle through a CS degree. I think spending a year or 2 teaching yourself is a great start, maybe go back and get the degree if you are willing to invest the 4 years. Then there is understanding the job market. It seems that a big part of landing a programming job, is people skills. My thinking for all technical jobs was, it was 99% technical skills and the other 1% is showing up on time. But it seems like its 50% soft skills and 50% being willing to adapt and learn new technology. A degree will represent your willingness to learn new things, a git hub account is a way to show off some programs you made.

  19. I'm passionate about a couple different liberal art majors but I want to do CS, primarily for the stability and lifestyle.

  20. James Vaught says

    150,000 unfilled coding jobs? What is your source for that factoid?

  21. GreatLakesDrifta says

    The line "That road-runner who puts out spaghetti code" made me laugh so hard. Its funny because i've seen that out there in the world. I've had to work with that code, wanting to shoot myself in the head.

  22. Strange Scripts says

    What's a rockstar coder?

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