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Nathula Pass is closed on Monday & Tuesday.

Sikkim is an outstanding Tourism destination of North East India. In this video you will see North East India food, we enjoyed in Sikkim.

After watching this video you will get good knowledge of:
Sikkim Tourist places & Sikkim Places to visit.

We have done a 11 day tour of all the 4 districts of Sikkim, which has been published as a day wise journey.

This is a journey of North East Indian food, Culture, customs, Tourism destinations and everything you wanted to know about How to travel to Sikkim.

This Episode is Summary of all the 10 Episodes done by visa2explore team.

This episode of Sikkim, North East India tourism covers:

Day wise Itinerary planning to all the 4 districts – Starting from East Sikkim to North then South and then West Sikkim.

You will also get relevant information on mode of transport with costs.

Just in case if you are looking for a travel agent or someone who can help you plan your sikkim tour, you can connect with etripto. Though i have not used their services but i go this as a reference:

Total cost that you may end up spending on your Sikkim tour.

Do’s and Don’t of the tour.

Important tips on best time to travel, season, places to stay, local food, Travel safe etc.

Sikkim tour FAQ: Including information for foreigners travel permit.

To sum it up, Sikkim is the most beautiful tourist destination of North East India.

If you have traveled to North East Indian food and have some experiences of local food, do share that with us in comments below.

thanks for your time, I would look forward to your comments.

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  1. Aayaan Paul says

    Nathula Monday and Tuesday close hai sir ji it's a very important information

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    Hi friends plese watch this tourism video

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    Oh my goood…such a beautiful place…..someone take me there?

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    15 days ka tour package kitna hai please detail de sir low class high class pura detail de sir

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    Very beautiful place..been there 4-5 years Sikkim? great video

  8. Soumitra Pati says

    All these beautiful places are now just memories….I went there twice ….this COVID 19 has taken away livelihood and happiness both …

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    Sir kya hum bike phe pura Sikkim ghumsakthe hai

  12. Adnan Ahmad says

    Sikkim is a free state not part of terrorist India

  13. Jatin Konwar says

    my favourite sikkim

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    Can you tell something about sikkim’s dragon jewellery

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    Very useful vlog thank you sir

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    Visiting sikkim once will never satisfy you!
    I bet you'll try for one more time!

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    Watch out some international travel videos on my channel

  19. Wahiullah Shahid says

    Its a really helpful video, Thnx. Can a Bangladeshi national visit Nathula Pass ? If yes then want are the rules? Pls, inform by return. Thanks

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    Ekdam bakwas…..itna cost nehi hota hey yeh khuch nahi bohut jada bol raha hey…..


    In which time nathula is open, i went in mid april & nathula is closed & we return from baba temple.

  23. andy gopal says

    What language he speaking?

  24. Ataur Rahaman says

    চাঙ্গু লেক ও জিরো পয়েন্ট , নথলা পাশে যেতে কত খরচ হতে পারে, 7দিনের একটা প্যাকেজ পোষ্ট করুন , নভেম্বর এ গেলে কোনো অসুবিধা হবে?

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    Baba harabjan Singh nathula

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    Aap northeast ki wadiyo ke uper video banav

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    Maintain the beauty of Sikkim we should be legal to nature of our beautiful India

  29. Riyaz Malek says

    Hi sir ur every episode is amazing thanx but one thing missing. Ur food search and explanation is very good. Where to stay u should explain about hotels which area is good for stay & eco budget think about my reqvest. Thank u sir

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    Nice and informative video harish sir love u so much

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    Can we hire a bike and roam locally?

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    Finished the whole Sikkim series tour in one day starting from 11:30 am to 7:00 pm

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    Wanna know interesting facts about northeast go check #dohuentertainer

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    South district mein itna beautiful area hai mind blowing man Karta hai vahi rah jaane ka ?????‼️

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    Nathula Monday and Tuesday closed hi bro ?

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    লকডাউনে বাংলাদেশের জাদুকাটা নদী দেখতে পারেন

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    Natural views

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    This place looks amazing and clean.

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