Silicon Valley school with no computers


CNN’s Dan Simon reports on a school that uses a no-technology approach and how it’s attractive to high-tech parents.

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  1. Angela Equestrian says

    I totally agree with them one of my kids is 10 if she sees a kid at the dinner table with an electronic then she will get mad I have a 5 year old she keeps begging for a tv or an iPad or a phone or a computer I say no! I always make her read she reads for 2h she’s 6 now she doesn’t ask any more she is very creative and playful she plays outside everyday or reads for 2h ugh can’t wait for iPads phones PCs Xboxes to go away even tv

  2. Malvin Tedem says

    Wow amazing mental hospital

  3. Jake Paul says


  4. Arianna Ali says

    In Texas we have MacBook Pros and everyone in our district has iPad Pros

  5. Omnius Maximus Gluteus LXIX says

    Here from Theory Pleeb!

    It turns out that minimizing the degree in which capitalistic forces can colonize your mind with ridiculous cultivated identities & false consciousness that all the while shrinks your attention span, atomizing you more both in terms of self-perception and your collaboration with the outside world (thinking of yourself as purely an individual and hating the other for bogus reasons benefits capital interests) leads to greater well-being and a funner and more sociable life!

  6. lotto says

    I would at least have a computer lab.

  7. Cupcake Yummy says

    I guess no common core
    Why don't we all have school like this ? Only the rich! !

  8. Roshan Paleolithic Gaming says


    Do you need a used iPhone 5 64GB for 127 USD?

  9. Roshan Paleolithic Gaming says

    I wonder what happens when their dad finds out everything their using is a product of technological advancement…


  10. Danny Hauger says

    Interesting a approach! We have a teacher who was a Silicon Valley coder, and now teachers.

  11. Ultima Thule says

    Why some students wear caps inside a room ? Does anybody have any idea ?

  12. delfunker says

    cnn is fake news

  13. He'sGoingOverThatCliff AUGH says

    I can understand that calculators can be a crutch, and that learning computers from the ground-up before you've gotten accustomed to them could be valuable, but seriously? It's odd that most people usually pay to get their kids to have a jump-start into the world, yet these parents pay more to have their kids be held back. I would have never learned basic multiplication and eventually calculus if I didn't have my trusty ti-30x calculator handy, and I probably would have settled for an art or social science major that would have me up for future financial failure. This is why radical communists storm our streets and break our shit, because they get set up for failure and then blame everyone else for it!

  14. SirJohn says

    The world is now technology, the future is now. Ah yes, your probably going to say "in my time…" Just shut the fuck up. It was YOUR time, not mine. School needs to change. Over these past centuries we're still doing the same shit. So much has changed in these past years. However, school never changed. The education system is shit. Most students don't even remember what they learned in school. School is about passing, not learning. Teachers are unfortunately paid less. Still, nobody cares. Nobody.

  15. Milhouse says

    Of course, there's still technology. Ballpoint pens, for example, is a product of technology. Without technology, these kids would still be writing using quills. Paper is also a product of technology. Without technology, these kids would be carving notes in wood or stone. The schools limits the use of electronics but not necessarily technology.

  16. SkylineToTheSeaAndMe says

    The reason this is good is because at public schools now, there is no (or minimal) real learning of real world issues, like problem solving skills. It's all about memorization of near meaningless or useless facts and information students will never use, and standardized testing to see if they remembered it.

  17. Damjan Egeric says


  18. Kevin Renner says

    I can understand why this school wants to be technology free, but in this day in age you need to know how to use a computer, in order to get a job. 

  19. s71402san says

    That's very conservative school. As a fact, Waldorf schools also don't teach letters and reading until 3rd grade.

  20. ggg says

    No computers… that's what inner city schools do already

  21. G Hill says

    They have loads of technology at there school. Just because it's not electric doesn't mean it's not technology. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Windows, pencils, paper and clothes are all products of technology. It should say no electric appliances not technology.

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