Singapore Travel Tips: 6 Things to Know Before You Go


Things you need to know before you go to Singapore. Singapore weather: Hot, humid, and rainy! Singapore Language: English (or Singlish!) Singapore Money: It’s the Singapore Dollar — bring cash! Singapore Laws: Don’t chew gum! Singapore Food: Eat at the Hawker Centres. Singapore Public Transportation: Take the Singapore MRT, it’s clean, fast and cheap!


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  1. Yellow Productions says

    You might enjoy watching more videos from my Singapore series in this playlist:

  2. oaor2303 says

    We went to Singapore in 2018. Your videos were part of our research. We didn't follow ALL your advice, we are a bit adventurous, but you were definitely a great resource!

  3. M Foo says

    Oh this is good. We are very very hot and even more humid. No one is really prepared for our weather. The humidity has ruined most of my own experiences, otherwise I actually do enjoy living here. Very approve this review.

  4. Saraswati Saren says

    Thank you so much Guy for giving these instructions

  5. Beans The Cat says

    4:31 That video bomber made me laugh 😛

  6. Gabriel Chin says

    You r the first vlogger that said the rain can be your friend. Mist of them complain about the rain I disagree regarding money changers ( although I'm not a money changer ). Money changers give a better rate than banks n they all have a Led sign displaying the latest rates. You can then compare it with other outlets. I believe if you draw from the ATM the rates like I said is lower n you may have to pay a surcharge, whilst you don't have to pay a surcharge or commission to the money changers. You mentioned petty theft. Yes there r cases of petty theft. But if you read the tabloids or follow the news reports on TV you will notice that out of 10 cases, probably 7 or 8 r done by foreigners. We have 700,000 plus foreigners working in our small island. Out of which 400,000 plus comes from across the border, Malaysia. So most if not all petty thefts r committed by non Singaporeans. Towards the end of you clip, you mentioned Singaporean dollars. Singaporean, is the nationality whilst Singapore is the country. So for us we normally say Singapore dollar. Yes, I'm aware that in the US you normally say American dollar or Yankee dollar. You hardly use the term US dollar in America.

  7. Mercenary Mike says

    Do you need a Visa to visit for 2 or 3 days?

  8. jackson choy says

    How is 32degrees hot?

  9. kohzhun wee says

    Slightly offended that he says that Singapore isn’t rlly safe but ok,rlly tho you don’t have to care abt safety in Singapore it’s safer than japan

  10. Eric Brown says

    Do they have Uber? I dont do taxi.

  11. Kaj Anandarajah says

    It tAmil

  12. Meng Lee Lim says


  13. Tamara Nair says

    thank you, i am going to Singapore in 4 months

  14. Aishwarya Gupta says

    Indian is not a language bro. Do you speak American ?

  15. Nirmala Masih says

    V.nice, thanks.

  16. Anne Corey says

    I always pay cash I,m Singaporean I don,t like to pay by card I always payed cashed.thank you for sharing Bless you

  17. Bok Woon Chua says

    so sad that the merlion behind you in Sentosa was taken down since 2019

  18. Millionaire Mastery says

    good tips

  19. Prad Sports says

    There is no language called Indian. Language is Tamil

  20. Jacob Smith says

    I hate it when they say gum is illegal! You can bring it in just no selling…

  21. AmithMC Stuff says

    If I been to Singapore why am I watching? ?

  22. Avishay Ram says

    Brilliant video! Thanks for the information ?

  23. Anne Corey says

    Love to watch your channels very good show thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your video thanks

  24. Barnett Shane says

    Singlish? So funny?

  25. akanksha chaturvedi says

    How is singapore in feburary
    Is it really hot in this month?

  26. leq says

    Snobbish people and everything are EXPENSIVE EXPENSIVE EXPENSIVE .

  27. Max Pandian says

    தமிழ் நு சொல்லு

  28. Pirate Pixie says

    Wow this is sooo informative ?? thank you so much for sharing it ❤️

  29. Jos Fort says

    There are actually good exchange rates in Orchard Road. The best rates are in Lucky Plaza in Orchard Road

  30. GEORGE BIRLA says

    Hi that one is Tamil-worlds oldest language

  31. Far J says

    Actually Malay is the Official Language of Singapore not English.

    English is the language of administration and commerce.

  32. GRAMIL - The Optimist says

    Hello there. Nice Video…. Great channel… I Have subscribed to your channel.

    It is informative and full of good vibes. I wish I could be as popular as you are
    in the future. I have SUBSCRIBED to your channel so I could be notified
    whenever you uploaded new videos. I am new in Youtube and trying to develop my
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    More power to you and more subscribers to come. GRAMIL.

  33. Julź T says

    What is a hawkers centre?

  34. Erjon Sihotang Consultant ISO says

    Thanks this video.

  35. Achira Sangiamjaroenchai says

    Thanks! Now i know everything

  36. Lee Marshcupcake says

    Hi, right now you can bring chewing gum to sg but a maximum of 2 pkts and it's also illegal to sell them.

  37. Hehe Hehe says

    The lah mostly goes with weird pronounciations, and horrible grammar. Like me.

  38. Hehe Hehe says

    I rarely wear sun screen in singapore

  39. Rune Willem says

    Have you been to Scandinavia before?

  40. Neo Hui Qi says

    hey! I would just like to correct a common misconception about Singapore. YOU CAN CHEW GUM HERE!! However the sale of chewing gum is illegal. Love the video though!

  41. Saadon Aksah says

    nice one! ?

  42. Judy F says

    Thanks for this video, such a big help..I will be traveling to singapore in two weeks.. thanks a lot 🙂

  43. Yared ESTIFANOS says


  44. Saigon Scenes says

    Awesome Singapore travel tips, thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving XOXO

  45. Anne Corey says

    I agree with you about foods is the best in the world in. Singapore the hawkers food are the best thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy foods

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