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Singapore – an island city-state that has blossomed into one of the world’s great global cities. Getting to know this pocket powerhouse is a must for travelers seeking the blend between energy and tradition.

When ready, browse vacation packages to Singapore:

Small and heavily populated, #Singapore is an easy place to #explore; nothing in the city is more than an hour from the business district. Thanks to modern construction and outstanding architecture, Singapore is rapidly becoming a powerhouse trade city, but it maintains ties to its Asian roots through traditional temples and many cultural hotspots.

Your Singapore #tour must include the Botanical Gardens and Orchid Gardens, both beautiful and notable places to visit. If you’re a fan of exotic animals, stop by the Singapore Zoo and check in with its 300-plus species. You can also take a “bumboat” from Changi Beach to Pulau Ubin, set away from the bustling city, and delight in its quiet mangroves.

No Singapore #vacation is complete without a visit to Marina Bay, a glowing, high-tech vision of the future, or Orchard Road, which boasts enough shopping to keep you occupied for several rainy afternoons.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Heather James says

    Please help me go to Asia!!

  2. Bulmaro Govea says

    Ytujr u ujropl

  3. Travel is Simple says

    I spent 2 days here for my trip to Singapore and Malaysia. I had good experiences here with foods, MRT, modern city, diversity and so on. I hope one day I can come back and spend more days here.

  4. Samiur Rahman says

    Singapore is amazing

  5. Nora Ko says


  6. Ovini in Fantasy says

    By today 2020 there are many changes/developments in Singapore. We are still releasing videos weekly on our tour to Singapore. Love this country.

  7. 蔡逸騰 says

    Singapore Universal studios is great

  8. Mayra Guairacaja says


  9. Mind Blown says

    Singapore is the most awesome place I've ever been to. The people are so friendly whenever I'm asking for help. The food is just incredible and extremely cheap at Hawker Centers ($2-$4). Not to mention Ride Sharing (Like Uber, but it's called Grab) is dirt cheap too

    I'm trying to upload more Singapore videos on my channel. Such an amazing country guy!!!

  10. Mr. Travel King says

    Excellent travel guide!

  11. Patricia Nicole Sebastian says

    I wish of hope want to Tourists From Singapore ?? and Malaysia ?? my Family ?‍?‍?‍? next year's fews ? ❤️

  12. Gezenthi Travel Agency says

    Make a video for #Turkey also.

  13. Norela Mejia says

    Por favor en idioma español de España

  14. gogobarmember says

    We LOVE Singapore from Taiwan

  15. jayram dahal says

    Hi traveller greeting from Nepal ??

  16. Oozette/16bithero says

    Yoooo American here, everything I see in this video is gorgeous. Singapore people should be proud.

  17. dedders29 says

    Looks nice, but I guess really expensive place to visit and stay on holiday?

  18. Phoutsany BOUAVISETH says

    beautiful city i like singapore

  19. Richard Baldwin says

    My favorite city in Asia

  20. Catherine NGUYEN says

    I LOVE SINGAPORE , four times there. GOOD memories and I love SINGAPORE AIRLINES. ????❤❤

  21. Glasss Mirror says

    This reminded me of the horror moment when I was walking through the animal park with my family and at a short distance with two Chinese when abruptly we confronted about 7 lions and 6 leopards all untied less than10mts from us.It was a bushside away from other people.Thank God.
    Why were those beasts left uncaged that is my question or are they harmless.However Singapore is awesome

  22. vanessa garado says

    hi po napakaganda po ng hangarin nio ang makatulong sa kapwa sa paraan n alm nio,sana isa poh ang pamilya q sa matulungan nio,thnk you

  23. _ hyper _ says

    Used to live there for 2 years when I was a baby. Didn't remember it but I want to go back! I now live in Sydney and can't wait to go back

  24. Kelera Baledrokadroka says

    Fiji is 25 times bigger than singapore

  25. Dark KnightzGaming says

    me: speaking singaporean
    singaporean guy: what????

  26. ខ្ញុំប្រជាជន កម្ពុជា says

    Cambodia please ????????

  27. •Mxellou • says

    Watching the comments as a Singaporean makes me feel proud of our country

  28. Marcelino Sebastian says


  29. Nandini Kirubalanivas says

    I have been to Singapore. Its great.

  30. Julian Schecter says

    Hey, thanks for this video! I've heard great things about Singapore and after seeing videos such as these, I'm convinced! It's such a gorgeous country with friendly people! I can't wait to go there! Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of your videos! You just earned a new subscriber! 🙂

  31. City Bob says

    I was there for business in December and hired a Harley Davidson to get around on. Video's on my channel!

  32. Flower_of_ Ra' says

    Animal Jail Animals Should Be In Their Natural Habitat Not Kidnapped Locked Up Nothing To Broadcast So Sad???????

  33. Abdul Jabbar says

    Awesome country

  34. maa samaleswari a cooking channel says

    Wow Singapore is very very beautiful place

  35. Cynthia Hrdz-Fristo says

    This is on my bucket list! I'm hoping to go for my 50th birthday next year!

  36. MH 1996 says

    When is the best time to visit?

  37. TheRandomGamer hi says

    Finally got to come here, and I will say it was probably one my favorite vacations ever, I only liked Tokyo a bit more, and also its hot, but i was still able to walk all day long.



  39. Bagirock Carlguksoo says

    Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo are best cities in Asia .. you will love them forever !!

  40. Peter says

    If I had the money I would move there straight away

  41. vikash kumar says

    Singapore is very beautiful place for traveling I love Singapore but most like India

  42. Balamanikandan K says

    Can I use this video, I will credit this also

  43. giang linh says

    What's music was used in the video?? Anyone could tell me please

  44. Noemi Lo Conte says

    Singapore is a beautiful city. I have been here this summer. I made a video about Singapore if you want to come to have a look! 🙂

  45. Muhammad Sheraz says

    Wao, Great informative video. I just love to watch your videos. Appreciation, much love and respect from Pakistan. ???

  46. Bimochan Gc says

    Expedia makes me want to go and live everywhere ?

  47. skelenk behl says

    Someday im will come here

  48. nishigandha babar says

    how beautiful sigapore is !

  49. Vanissa Dee says

    My favourite destination for spending my free time in this Romeo Tan's country, so I can shop, meet and greet with MediaCorp Chinese Artistes (Romeo Tan, Pierre Png, Elvin Ng, etc), celebrate national day by watching the parade, eat & drink, explore and many more exciting joy. I always fly with FlyScoot and Indonesia AirAsia (QZ) and many best flights to visit and transit here, in Jewel Changi there's a first Pokemon Center outside Japan and the tallest & biggest waterfall to be a must visit.

  50. Princessita says

    i really LOVE Singapore its so clean and SAFE place to travel! im LOVING it so much!

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