Snake Rattle 'n Roll Music 1 – Intro


Intro music for another great game and a start for another playlist

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  1. Guy says

    I remember playing this at a friend's house. The controls were…difficult, to say the least.

  2. Chicago Canine says

    This is my fav NES game ever.

  3. MisterBrain says

    I L I K E IT!

  4. matteo rubino says

    TOP Song and Game!

  5. Tristan says

    brilliant game

  6. jabnnel maxime says

    The Magic OF RARE! , THE TRUE RARE 😀 ♥

  7. TheGreenShaman says

    can you make some download links?

  8. AaroInTheKnee says

    i recognize this from somewhere…

  9. MrMatthew says

    Still better than any of the mainstream shit they play on the radio nowdays :- D

  10. DooMGuy117 says

    now if THIS doesn't bring back memories of the NES i don't rightly know what does.

  11. Eefra4 says

    Yay :]

  12. billytheloon says

    i just looked for this to set it as my ringtone ^^

  13. Eefra4 says

    Highly suggested ringtone! 😉

  14. LordBloodySoul says

    Nothing goes over old Nintendo games 😀

    And that's one of the best!

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