so I played wii Sports Basketball and this happened…


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Troydan looks for Matt on Wii Sports Basketball but ends up taking on a bigger challenge #WiiSports #NBA

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  1. Mona Lisa says

    I’m wearing them right now

  2. Bboy Monch says

    hhhhhhhhhh matt

  3. It's your friendly Neighbor hood spiderman says

    Pick it up you nazi ?

  4. NBA streamer gamer says

    Tommy rose up from the dead

  5. Cadien Thompson says

    This is a WWE cage match With 2K20Park game

  6. Cadien Thompson says

    Exactly he's playing against Tommy and doesn't realize

  7. SAUCE BOI CAM says

    Say hi my name is troydan and I'm racist in the beginning ???

  8. Jason Moralez says

    «It’s because I don’t have my STRAP ON” lmao

  9. Jake DeAbreu says

    troydan being thankful for his stuff

  10. unkown player67 says

    22:31 when Karen realizes her coffee isn't ice coffe

  11. unkown player67 says

    How do you miss a dunk

  12. Jo Bob says

    Never thought I’d see the day when Troy played single player

  13. TGELITE cherno says

    And has anyone ever noticed how subtly racist troydan is

  14. TGELITE cherno says

    That moment when you realize that you have been playing basketball your whole life

  15. Alek The drama king says

    3:41 where did my mii characters go? Everyone who watched him played Wii sports: bro you didn’t make miis!

  16. iiMortar says

    When you realize troydan looks like a elongated behzinga (ethan from sidemen)

  17. Allison Gilbert says


  18. Farai Mandara says

    Ianakaiaisrihas been a long time for you to be able for to get to r I am not sure I will get the kids kiss

  19. Harry Cragg says

    did he disrespect lazarbeam

  20. NFL Reports says

    2:16 if ur not interested

  21. Loop’s Vlogs says

    I have a pair of raycon they are raycon e55 in all white

  22. Taylor Grindstaff says

    Let’s go

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