Spartan Race Sprint 2019 (All Obstacles)


Spartan Race Sprint 2019 (All Obstacles). Spartan Race Jacksonville FL – all obstacles, Feb 24 2019. Run by Mack and Damer of OCR Kings. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!! See the 2020 version here:

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  1. ValerioLuce says

    wow, you guys really look like spartans while doing that race

  2. Phil Amylon says

    Was thinking about doing one of these again. All the mud in this video reminded me why I stopped. Everyone walking on the trails because we don't want to slip and faceplant on some rocks. Obstacles caked with slippery mud. If you're lucky and get a dry course they can be fun, but I've only had a couple, and they always mud some parts up on purpose.

    Anyone know any OCRs that aren't about the mud?

  3. WistianK_ says

    Why am I watching this


    This is Sparta!!!!!!!!?️?️??

  5. Bennie Reyes says

    Can you skip stuff or you have to do it all? Monkey Bars .. im out lol

  6. Thommy _007 says

    Leonidas would probably do it in few minuits

  7. Pushkar Mahajan says

    Elements of Strongman + Ninja Warrior + Good ol Fun This is Awesome!!!

  8. Merson Gasang says

    So nice .. Aroo Aroo
    I've done Sprint/Super/Beast/Ultra and trail.

  9. Farokh Jalil says

    Theres two doors. One door is the door to i opened this door to see whats in there. The other door is the door to I will never know and thats where I'll always be.

  10. Dito Couñago says


  11. LittleSpartan says

    Doing my first Spartan race this August and I'm so excited

  12. David H says

    It's like…
    Being a kid again. ?

  13. Aveline Carroll says

    Spartan races are awsome

  14. SinisterPrimo says

    This looks like a blast! I gotta find a local race

  15. E. Monroy says

    You did so smoothly and look easy…I'm scared lol! Planning on doing my first one in October in San Diego I'm concert about the huge tire and monkey bars 🙁 ….p.s I'm a sedentary planning on training with enough time.

  16. Three Karma says

    I did a 5k race similar to this. The obstacles look so fun on the video but in real life when you get to an obstacle you wish it wasnt there.

  17. E R says

    what a shame joe refuses to refund registration fees for canceled events and says transferring to a different race is free but there are extra costs. that is greedy.

  18. Natalia dennison says

    my mom won 4th place in spartan, then theirs me ._.

  19. orlando mosqueda says

    This is not 2020 safe ???

  20. grace says

    oh my god i wanna do this but i have no upper arm strength i run cross country but those ropes and sand bags would be the death of me ?

  21. Kayleigh Reimert says

    my first thought was that the barbed wire could give you STDs if someone else got cut with it

  22. Jayson McCracken says

    I’m 5’11 and like 197, moderately athletic and this specific venue looks fun because it’s an excuse to get dirty

  23. Razz Mataz says

    I have a question. The race is 3.54miles long, is it supposed to be ran or can it be walked as well? Ex smoker lungs asking lol

  24. Samuel Medina says

    Does everyone get a medal at the end?

  25. Taylor Kim says

    I'm gonna try this with no training???

  26. Emanuel says


  27. Aldo Serrano says

    I just need to know what's the soundtrack!!! Jaja please

  28. Charlie Lee says

    9 hours … or am I just that dumb? Lol

  29. Forza Test says

    Damm i really wanna do this

  30. Qui-gone Gym says

    This is How you got to the agoge in the spartan civilization

  31. Pong Guy says

    I somehow feel that Leonidus could do this easy

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