SPECIAL REPORT: China's deadly coronavirus cover-up


Chinese journalists have shed light on their country’s deadly coronavirus cover-up which has led to tens of thousands of deaths and sent global economies crashing to a halt.

Sky News Australia presents COVID-19: Ground Zero – an investigation into what caused the killer coronavirus and how China managed to bury the truth for so long.

South China Morning Post news editor Josephine Ma told Sky News her government covered up more than 200 cases of coronavirus in 2019, delaying global warnings and allowing the spread of the virus to leak into other countries.

Ground Zero also details the incredible steps nations around the world are taking to minimise the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Keith Kimsten says

    Communist China, like the Communist Russians worked with the DNC (Democrats) to bring instability into America for one reason alone.

    To overthrow the duely elected President in America.

    Treason unpunished continues to fester until "We the People" rise and take up arms to rid America of this infection within our Freedoms.

    America's people awaits that call but patience grows thin among those who would stand and fight for the freedoms we've watched pissed away by a backboneless leadership over the last 3+ decades.

    In My Opinion.

  2. BobbybithUNbss Boss says

    Fucken China.

    Always been dodgy country, now the true.

  3. Aidenn Pearcee says

    Cut off China from the world. I don't want to go to any dollar store anymore.

  4. Aidenn Pearcee says

    So when are we going to Nuke China?

  5. N.Gutters says

    Communism bringing death and misery to millions as per usual.

  6. L J D UK says

    Everyone is sure the pandemic will end. Maybe it won’t ever end, maybe this is a weapon, it’s working pretty good as one. Maybe instead of dropping a bomb, they dropped a virus. Some People are not recovering well, it destroys all organs, causes schizophrenia and it can be caught more than once. I’m staying away from people, wearing my mask & praying for our lives.

  7. Mr. Cosmos says

    This is so untrue.Most of the world got the clear message from China and quickly got the virus under control. Only Trump says it is a joke and now blaming China .

  8. an Meyers says

    Book of Eli Montory report eonflex

  9. Bible Gate Way says

    I pray that our FATHER in Heaven will keep you and your loved ones from any hurt, harm or danger.

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  10. Willam Tafaro says

    Bad immune systems. Warm weather and humidity kills the Corona flu.

  11. Jeremy Wright says

    NTD news has a documentary on this coverup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cav-OCuNmBI

  12. Jayarama rao says

    stupid china #ChinaLiedPeopleDied

  13. Rodney Johnston says

    Someone needs to send China a big bang this 4th of July and don't tell him it's coming

  14. Collinz Isaac says

    you attacked china

  15. Emmie Stegmann says

    I KNOW that the WHO will lock down Beijing to prevent the second outbreak of Covid to spread to the rest of the world. They do care, don't they?? Or was Trump right to defund them?

  16. Joseph Starling says

    Was there a coverup? Was the CCP lying? Did you see their lips moving? Now you know.

  17. gary reid says

    sky oz the one to go to unlike lame news in the uk

  18. 大井健輔 says

    Bad button may be from China ? somehow, we have to overcome the virus, at the same time, we have to take the worst invading country to international court.

  19. keith tiong says

    another independent honest subjective review from australia

  20. Simon Huang says

    Bullshit media from evil America , all lies and bs which created from evil America .

  21. Hub Bone says

    China on USA hype for more bad ass attitudes in their multi cults sects of bad apples etc. Gold diggers of the highest order to/on others monies etc for their going-ons, no interest in sexes, colours race of other BLM etc. Equality in sexes, respect goodwill, health & well being to all citizens on flat etc earth & less of Rome/s pontificating for more wars for 2000 yrs in Proxy, in Doctored hatred by psycho-ops to/in Data/s etc. Peace of the prophets & LOL.

  22. street says


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