StarCraft 2: SWARM HOSTS vs CANNON RUSH?! (Zerg Live Game)


In this game of StarCraft 2 my opponent decides that he wants to play very aggressively. He goes for Cannon Rush on my side of the map and transitions towards Immortals with a Warp Prism for juggling. While I don’t see this strategy often anymore, I decide to go for a very specific approach that only really works against this playstyle: Swarm Hosts and a Nydus Worm.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Esteban Borjas says

    i love the part when u destroy his cheese XD
    basically all the video

  2. Andrew Dixon says

    Well played!

  3. Alexandre Vaudelle says

    I love Lowko answer to this cheesy attack. Really teaching session =D

  4. Drew Thermos says

    Love the LOWFI background music

  5. Sonsy Sy says

    The White red combo color for the swarm host triggered my trypopophobia a bit lol

    Which is weird since the normal brown green or the HOTS strains of the swarm host does not

  6. Charles Payne says

    Aren’t swarm hosts cheese? I mean free units, come on.

  7. Jä says

    so, how about a cannon crush?

  8. Styckx8D says

    Haha wicked save lowko! That was an incredible game!

  9. TrueGambleINC says

    Gonna try a turtle build thx to you.

  10. Lachlan Stewart says

    Lowko: Swarm hosts have a 100% win rate.
    Me/Lowko: Nice.
    Me: ???

  11. Tietea says

    Lowko, the videos where you play SC2 are the best.

  12. nexxoid says

    Somebody has seen to many Florencio vids. The hidden expansion… the cheese… Nice try…But not exactly the same level.

  13. Yerbol Khassen says

    Well played! Need more plays with Nightus Warm yeay )

  14. Tony Great says

    wooow that was cool 😀

  15. Lauren Wells says

    Damn dude he didnt have the goods…lowko to stonk nice response! I would have crumbled D=

  16. Airoe_ltd says

    This was sick, poor protoss lol

  17. Chludek says

    Nice defend !

  18. Michael Freudiger says

    what is the best defense against mass swarm hosts like that?

  19. Michael says

    Hi, where can I see the amount of workers I have, without looking at every single base? Thank you

  20. Gilad Baruchian says

    if i was Protoss, i would wait for your locus then load up the immortals and harass your main

  21. JK Kim says

    What a waste of time watching a joke getting beat up

  22. Gilad Baruchian says

    nice game man, its amazing how good swarm host is when used correctly

  23. someguy1141 says

    Well played sir. It's a million times easier to cheese than it is to defend it well.

  24. Hakim MacLuvin says

    So fkn OP. it swarm hosts should cost minerals for every wave. Like why carriers costs tone of minerals, but zerg can spam free units that are so fkn strong for free

  25. Hubert Sean says

    What if Swarm Hosts get the option to morph into a siege unit rather than a harassment unit? Kinda like morphing into the HotS version of SH. This makes them more supply efficient, spawn weaker locusts faster, but lose their mobility

  26. Vicente Vasquez says

    Hey very nice song in the background

  27. Rici 33 says

    Beastyqt is better
    And I am salty

  28. Wade S says

    That was quite enjoyable watching that protoss cheese get countered. Nicely done! Thanks for the match and the review afterwards.

  29. Sachin Mesta says

    LOL Lowko being cannon rushed !!

  30. HolySlaya says


  31. Randall Holloway says

    Yooo, that was fucking nice ? ? I got pissed seeing that intro lol #swarmlove

  32. Utube isJunk says

    Protoss should use Tempests against Swarm Host

  33. Balázs Fényes says

    Nice Immortal juggling without the warp prison. I did not see him using the warp prison for other than vision.

  34. Badger McWaffles says

    Oh swarmhost, never change

  35. 심영 says

    That was a fun game!

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