State of Kotlin on Android


Three years ago, Android introduced Kotlin as an officially supported language. Today, 70% of top 1k Android apps now use Kotlin. Kotlin 1.4 will soon be released, with a new backend compiler and support for Android’s new UI toolkit, Jetpack Compose. In this talk, we review what’s new in Kotlin on Android, including coroutine-first Jetpack libraries like Paging 3.0, review JetBrains and Google’s joint work on moving the language and tooling forward, and discuss how we decided to make coroutines the recommended approach for async work on Android.

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  1. Sky Ng says


  2. Kamerton Audiophile player says

    My app is only under 1Mb code and adding 1Mb for Kotlin runtime looks ridiculous.

  3. 翁Wesely says

    New features starts from 6:21

  4. Muiz Ahsanu says

    i learn kotlin without learn java before, is that okay?

  5. Gábor Miklay says

    Trailing comma: the smallest possible detail provided. ?

  6. Danilo Valério da Silva says


  7. Hridyansh Thakur says

    Death to java

  8. Sergey Arkhipov says

    I have tried Kotlin and then returned back to Java. Java has clear syntax and is very easy to read. In comparence with Java Kotlin is sophisticated. Every time you see a property you have to go to implementation, because it can be anything inside, have side effects, etс. Coroutines and reified templates are not worth such suffering)

  9. Bruno Gois Mateus says

    Thanks for this video. It is really good. Is there any website or document with information about the use of Kotlin on Google mentioned in the video? I would like to reference in a scientific paper.

  10. TheDnaitsirc says

    Helping productivity by removing the mandatory trailing comma.. looks like a permissive js+PHP thing

  11. Mutisya Jonathan says

    I prefer Java

  12. Emmanuel Ngotee says

    Aaannnndd there comes flutter ?‍♂️??

  13. eatthepi says

    It would be nice to have clear info about what can be desugared in the IDE or in a list by Android Gradle Plugin version. I'm happy to hear about further desugaring of things like Java 8 Optional, but I never know when it actually makes it into r8/AGP.

  14. Arseniy Kucherenko says

    When you introduce Rust support in Android Studio for NDK? Kotlin does a lot for Android and Rust does more for critical performance problems with way more safe and prodactive approach compare to C++

  15. Stevdza-San says

    Switch to Kotlin, it's worth it.

  16. The Danish says

    Google can improve the Java syntax as well code there are no any need of kotlin language but google and Oracle war destroying the developers community, in this short life how many languages can we learn ? we never be expert in any single language if you will do this kind of war then we will be busy to learn new languages in whole life and never be expert in a dedicated domain … please stop it… kotlin , dart , flutter , golang what are you doing Google ? there should be only single language of google that should work on all Platform … It's a humble request of heart broking of google lover

  17. samuel owino says

    I am here looking for "State of Java on Android "

  18. eugene gordeev says

    will you officially support Kotlin/Native, Kotlin Multiplatform?

  19. Саша Бити says

    Thank you, great video 🙂

  20. Yannick says

    Is there any serious developer who has NEVER heard of Kotlin before?

  21. Arthur Alexsanyan says

    Do I understand it correctly that at 5:29 he mentioned that they are working on making protobuf generated code in Kotlin ?

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