Street Food in Kenya – ULTIMATE KENYAN FOOD TOUR in Nairobi | East African Food Tour!


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Thank you for watching this ultimate Kenyan street food tour in Nairobi! I met up with my friend James who took me around to a few of his favorite spots to eat.

Kawangware, Nairobi, Kenya

Here’s most of the food we tried on this amazing tour of Nairobi:

Ann Restaurant – Dagoretti Corner – This small street food stall on Dagoretti Corner in Nairobi serves all sorts of Kenyan / East African foods. Their chapatis are especially good, and their Lake Victoria sardines fried with tomatoes.
Dagaa – Lake Victoria sardine
Matumbo – stomach stew
Githeri – beans and maize
The guy sitting across the table – “you should not eat beans and sardines together, or you’ll have gas.”
Total bill – 1,050 KES ($10.39) – we paid for 4 or 5 guys eating there

Stomach Clinix – This was the best food stop of the day, a neighborhood meat shop that James took me to that specializes in cow head soup. The grilled tongue was also spectacular, but the soup was the best.
Total price – 200 KES ($1.98)

Dagoretti Market – After the meat, we took a walk over to Dagoretti Market. After browsing around for a while, we stopped for another plate of mixed Kenyan food, mostly dengu, which are mung beans. It was simple, but quite good.
Dengu – mung beans
Total price – 300 KES ($2.97)

Unity Cafe Hotel – We met up with some of James’ friend in Kawangware, and went to eat across the street from their shoe shop. The mandazi mix was the highlight of this Kenyan meal.
Total price – 600 KES ($5.94) for all

Cow foot fry – Next we headed over to Oscar who makes cow food soup, fry and boil. He was a very friendly man, and showed me his entire process of making cow foot soup. It was delicious!
Total price – 450 KES ($4.45)

Kenyan street food – To end this Kenyan street food tour of Nairobi we had to eat one of the ultimate Kenyan fast food meat treats. You’ll see these types of grills all over the streets in the late afternoon throughout Nairobi. You just choose what you want, it’s cut on the chopping board, and you stand and eat.
Mutura – minced meat sausage
Mutura – blood sausage
Total price – 200 KES ($1.97)

Thank you for watching this ultimate Nairobi street food tour!


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  1. Mark Wiens says

    Just make sure you don't eat too many Lake Victoria sardines and beans at the same time! For current food updates make sure you follow on Instagram:

  2. Jer Githi says

    Good job Mark ??????
    I’m now homesick ?

  3. Trucks and diesel powered says

    12:50 ???? the guy in the background oye hio supu ikuje tumelipia table mzima

  4. Trucks and diesel powered says

    Uuh chapati love them is it crazy how tasty they are

  5. Truth Finder says

    I like Kenyan English with the African words and accent

  6. Truth Finder says

    I wanna travel to Africa at least once, my friend is from Kenya

  7. Okoth Venda says

    Funny I'm From kenya but never likes the bone soup…. though it has a lot of reviews

  8. Ian Aruasa says

    “Hio supu ikuje tumelipiwa drum mzima”

  9. Selena Brown says

    Does the blood sausage taste like black pudding I wonder?

  10. Fridah Vogel says

    Apelekwe kijee kula pilau. Is mpa be still available??

  11. Fridah Vogel says

    Ati supu ukuje… Tumelipia Drum mzima???watu Wa jibambe

  12. Fridah Vogel says

    Love how you enjoy the foods

  13. Cruz queen Of twerk says

    Corona whyyyyy

  14. world order says

    I knew you were kenyan when you said mutura is so good???… Mob love. Mob respect.


    Tupac my god?miss u pac

  16. Yogesh Yadav says

    It's great experience to watch your channel always

  17. mugisra kingsley says

    I'm a Kenyan, i have never tasted that soup, but this guys comes to Kenya and he has the soup

  18. Margaret Nicomede says

    So numbed out over this "flu" freak out. So sad.

  19. adin mujahidin says

    Omena in java language is Iwak Teri ??

  20. Limisus says

    Those people, who say in western countries all the animal products are simply wasted, have no clue. Yes people prefer to eat high quality meat. But you'll also find many products like hot dogs, sausages, etc. which contain MSM (mechanically seperated meat). A lot of it goes to animal feed and the rest is used in the chemical industry. It's not wasted, it's just used differently.

  21. Baby Monkey Pink says

    Love loooong videos.

  22. Shivjit Kumar says

    Toped all in all

  23. Dennis Songok says

    Hapo 14.32 mark anasema mkombero inataste kama 'Ginseng' ,mbogi hairadi kitu anasema wako tu yeah yeah..??
    My people ??❤️

  24. Saumya Rreddy Reddy says

    East or west india is the best ???only india have a variety of foods

  25. JJP Baxter says

    I could never eat any food with complete strangers touching it especially in Africa. Yuck! Yuck ! Yuck!

  26. Rickey Kipkoech says

    Hi Mark my name is Rickey I am from Nairobi bat. Have. You ever gone. To. Jericho you can go there

  27. Abe says

    #Aku,sangat terharu kulit putih kulit hitam >makan bersama dalam satu piring <<<<<<

  28. Plabon Salah says

    What I most like about Mark is, he shared most of his foods with the surroundings. which is a great sign of humanity. Actually, he is spreading happiness there. . .

  29. Kîñg Sâvâgé says

    9:53 stomach clinix??….i love my nation…#proudly Kenyan

  30. James Blackledge says

    I'm feeling sorry for the housing situation? Everyone's making money, but live so poorly. Why?

  31. Mary Banks says

    Mr Mark, I love how you travel everywhere without any fear and get treated like a king. You are truly the king of YouTube traveling to eat.

  32. Giovanni Martins says


  33. Tank1 says

    that guy recommended him to go KFC lol legend, i agree, nothing better than KFC lol

  34. hemant kumar says

    The worst food I have ever watched. Nasty and dirty.

  35. Thunderbolt Studio says


  36. James Mwale says

    The little fish is called kapenta we usually eat those at funerals here in zambia with cabbage cos it's cheaper ??

  37. John Paul Muiruri says

    My country people ?❤️

  38. Eric Kademe says

    Much love from uganda

  39. jsj31313jj says

    Just realized Da Baby looks Kenyan ?

  40. jsj31313jj says

    Africans need more smiles ???. I love how everyone seemed so happy.

  41. jsj31313jj says

    Who's here while social distancing

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