Street Racing for Money! (600-1000hp cars)


Here’s something we don’t see very often now days – a NO TRAILER Cash Days! Most of the cars participating were in the 600-1000hp range, making this the perfect opportunity to call for the no trailer rule. What’s better than 13 street cars racing for money? Getting it all wrapped up in one night!

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  1. anthony carbajal says

    No trailers is real street racing.

  2. DARKSEID says

    That '69 'stang just might have a little more than 500hp…just sayin…

  3. Aaron LorenzenZAaron says

    when he said the audi would have the upper hand i laughed. aint got nothing on that monte carlo

  4. Bora Kilincarslan says


  5. Abraham310 says

    The Audi RS7’s are monsters. For being stock those things are super car fast

  6. Francisco Huerta says

    nothing better then classic muscle V8.

  7. Harley Mitchell says

    Skeeter bomb

  8. typhoon320i says

    3:40 I would be pissed if I was in that sleeper in the background, trying to get a nights rest, and all these yahoos show up to make noise all night.

  9. Coin Hunter says

    Just Happy A Mustang Won, Well Done Son Well Done.

  10. Gallo24 says

    Hell yea, a classice drag race final. Chevy vs ford

  11. pacefka says

    Wow…beater vert is a foxbody with a turbo LS on a transbrake. Why didn't they just bring beater bomb? It's the same damn car.

  12. alex ramirez says

    Cummins got death wobble half way through the race

  13. Josh Beasley says

    Only people in Nebraska know where they’re at

  14. Derek 'Dents' S. says

    That was a nice low key cash day, good sportsmanship, nice street cars, that's what it's all about. Thumbs up!!

  15. Manz says

    Why would anyone bring a suv or truck

  16. CMJ115 says

    Love both the turbo Monte and 69 Stang. Old school stangs over new school stangs all day every day.

  17. will stovall says

    The proper street car. That Mustang is moving

  18. [Blank] says

    Why do they start off with a burn out?

  19. Reinaldo Silva says

    sorry my ignorance, but win $900 seems to be not enough to cover expenses to race itself (gas, travel city to city, broken car parts, food, searching for race spot). Is that the usual ?

  20. swafford501 says

    Beater vert chirping all the way down ?

  21. Mike Ross says

    The kid in the 69 Stang can freaking drive!!!!

  22. Bry_bry213 says

    Coolest car was also the quickest, sbf with nitrous combo has been proven time and time again

  23. slayerdearly says

    I clicked because the Monte Carlo

  24. Angry Folks says

    who are the trailblazer guys? do they have any pages on social media?

  25. steve diosdado says

    That stand jumps out the hole like no body’s business.

  26. jonv92 says

    Love a g-body shuffle

  27. Tony Spadafino says

    That first guy should sell his mustang with put the ls and buy a crappy chevy to put it in . A real ford guy should save the verte from the LS bS

  28. c431inf 11b says

    That's awesome , I just try keep mine runing lol

  29. Bob Bob says

    LOVE to see that small block thrash those boosted cars. Drag racing isn’t very complicated, just like his car, true American muscle. I am a fan of that Monte Carlo as well tho, pretty badass

  30. allmotorhash says

    ford built right no need for ls crap

  31. Delco Trash says

    "were american XXDDDDDDD"

  32. GeoLaw3 says

    I could hear ya better if you dropped that stupid background noise.

  33. GamerDrive says

    Got damn! I thought the monte wasn’t gonna be rivalled. Dang stang just whooped it. One of those times where you respect the losers efforts, while you just sit in awe of the winner.

  34. Ironwind1972 says

    No way that 69 mustang is only pullin 500 at the crank

  35. Adrian Ferrera says

    That mustang is fast af

  36. Ben Jardine says

    Love the 69 mustang . old school still has a place on the streets

  37. ivancolesnic says

    The kid in the 69 is lying…no way that thing makes 500 at the crank and just a 100 shot

  38. No No says

    Do a cash days for 500-700hp, all motor and rwd only.

  39. Jace Turner says

    Where’s vin diesel?

  40. victor morales says

    500 hp sbf ahahaha you Ls guys are funny

  41. Jaxson Slade says

    You look great with a beard man. Im 33 and still have never grown one ive never gone over 10 days

  42. ham003 says

    One of the best cash days

  43. Kenan Lindsay says

    The red 69 Stang was killing it out there

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