Sunshine On Leyth – S7-E4 HE'S BEEN SACKED! | Football Manager 2020


Football Manager 2020 lets play in which i take charge or Whitport Athletic of the Isle of Leyth, in the 8th tier of English football. With zero budget and very poor facilities we aim to bring them up the league all while battling against Blackhaven United, who have the money and the influence.

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It’s the name of a football blog i used to run

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  1. Jon Andrews says

    I'm actually disappointed about Stepanek being sacked. It just worked well with the narrative of Blackhaven being the villains with him as manager.

  2. Zas Zarathustra says

    Have not watched yet, nor scrolled down far enough to read comments, but I am fairly sure the title is about Tom S.

  3. Nero the Average says

    Dag & Red on 1 point after 16 games..jesus.

  4. James Robinson says

    I eagerly watch the league because I grew up where Fylde is. Used to watch them often and they had “2020” on the arm of the shirts as that’s when they wanted to get into the football league. Can you see if they achieved this please?

  5. Andrei Cineva says

    Odds of Whitport going up and Blackhaven taking their place in League Two are suddenly not so slim anymore.

  6. Andrei Cineva says

    Sacked in the morning,
    Sacked in the morning.
    Blackhaven took the trash out.

  7. Ian Hawshire says

    Open a janitorial assistant spot in Castle Park for Stepanek. Maybe he'll learn how not to be utter garbage from a real janitor

  8. Dovid Cohen says

    I made it in my fave youtuber's video wooo, and Stepanek must have realised he's been caught in the act of fraudulent management skills.

  9. Grime God says

    Wakeling is about as clinical as a wet napkin. Hasn't impressed for a while now

  10. Matt Stanley says

    Taxi for stepanek ?????

  11. Joseph Samelson says

    Hire Stepanek at Whitport!

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