Taiwanese Street Food Garden Night Market


Garden night market is considered the largest and most famous night market in Tainan which is a city in south of Taiwan

You can shop and eat all kinds of street food til you drop with reasonable and affordable prices and most are perpared for you hot and fresh!

All food in this video cost not more than $5usd

Food featured in this video from the street stalls of Garden Night Market

1. Brown sugar bubble milk
2. Grilled blood with glutinous rice
3. Oyster bun
4. Sweet corn shoots
5. Spring onion crepe
6. Fresh bitter gourd & celery juice
7. Potato & cheese pie, Pepper meat pie
8. Fried oyster
9. Steak set
10. Chocolate marshmellow crepe
11. Braised chicken feet
12. Taiwanese pork sausage & glutinous rice sausage
13. Cheese with mentaiko pizza cracker
14. Strawberries with condensed milk
15. 3D Crispy egg cake with 6 designs

This was film early Feb, stay safe everyone!

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  1. Vicky says

    Every time I c her taste the food only face expression no complements at all. Makes me laugh ??? at least say a comment. Does she speak at all ah ha ha ha????

  2. Jack Riyan says

    Man forget the food… At this point I'm just looking forward for her smiles lol

  3. LeBrasco says

    hi all

  4. Yashika.D Rajawat says

    Once Visit india for food. ?

  5. MrEpicDZN says

    Why she is always looking at the camera like someones pointing a gun to her head to make those expressions?

  6. Shane Taffy says

    She takes like the perfect bite, I don’t know how she does it

  7. Shane Taffy says

    the way she bites into the food and smiles at the end makes it seem SOOO much better for some reason ❤️❤️

  8. chris says

    Me perturba un poquito la sonrisa de la chica

  9. Vip LeviGaming says

    The girl face when their eat the food

  10. Sauce TV says


  11. Chivis Baez says

    Todo se ve bien rico.

  12. Marat Hi says

    Лайк девке которая все пробует. Ее эмоции великолепны! Скоро в кадр не полезет если столько пробовать будет.

  13. Hüseyin Kibaroğlu says

    Her boku begeniyor amk neymis bu ya canim cekti

  14. Jaya Surya says


  15. NoxFury says

    11:27 Food Wars

  16. Colene Ramos says

    Putanginang mukha yan

  17. A serendipity says

    En Nicaragua venden de esas bebidas de una tienda taiwanesa, hay de diferentes sabores todos son riquísimos ?

  18. woodman woodman says

    Great video as always you two ??

  19. pass Hal says

    elle a une grosse tete

  20. MsCorune says

    Me da ternura su carita cuando prueba ??? yo también quiero!!

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